US Military Move Response To China Dollar Dumping

US Military Move Response to China Dollar Dumping – PressTV (Veterans Today, June 5, 2014):

An analyst says Washington’s most recent act of military provocation against China is in retaliation for Beijing’s decision to trade in its own currency and undermine the US dollar, Press TV reports.

Jim W. Dean made the remarks when talking to Press TV on Saturday about the US deployment of two of its most advanced long-distance surveillance drones to a base in northern Japan to spy on North Korea and China.

“The big issue behind all of this is China setting up its own reserve currency with Russia, which is a threat to the [US] dollar supremacy,” he said.

The analyst added that the decision by Moscow and Beijing to have their own trading currencies would “eliminate the [US] weapon” of imposing sanctions against the two countries using the dollar.

“This military shadow boxing is just a threat that if you proceed in this direction we are going to make problems for you,” Dean added.


You can watch the 4-minute interview here on Press TV.


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Earlier this month, Russian President Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, signed multiple cooperation agreements in Shanghai.

The two leaders signed 49 deals in the fields of energy, transport and infrastructure which would enable the two countries to bypass the US dollar and pay each other in domestic currencies. The move is expected to undercut the domination of the greenback as the international reserve currency.

In recent years, Moscow and Beijing have sought to strengthen their ties to contain Washington.

2 thoughts on “US Military Move Response To China Dollar Dumping”

  1. After obama destroyed HIS hated infidel military, he will direct HIS government on what to do.
    Stop buying from China?? Nothing is made in America now. Thats why we are in this mess.

  2. This is old news, Russia and China set up their own trade agreement, using an electronic currency, leaving the dollar out in November of 2010. This way, they can trade using their own currencies, without first converting to the dollar or any other currency. Electronic currencies have made the need for any reserve currency obsolete.

    They are NOT creating their own reserve currency, they are following the lead of Hugo Chavez, and using an electronic currency that translates the value of each currency, rendering the need for a world reserve currency obsolete.

    Now, they are screaming? They did it in 2010. But, since then, they have converted over half the world to their way of trading, making the US dollar irrelevant. Had the greedy guts not been so crooked printing dollars without end because it was the world reserve currency, we might not be looking at this result.

    What rot.


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