Scientists Say The Dust Bowl Phenomenon Is Back (Video)

Scientists say the dust bowl phenomenon is back (Al Jazeera, April 30, 2014):

A dozen years of drought has turned what was an agricultural green belt into fields of tumbleweeds

Parts of Colorado, and vast areas of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, are experiencing their worst drought since the 1930s. Normal rainfall is 14 inches a year. Last year there was 3 inches, and scientists compare conditions to the Dust Bowl. Some are hopeful that the El Niño ocean warming some forecasters expect will finally bring rain to the parched land. Carol McKinley reports from Ordway, Colo.

1 thought on “Scientists Say The Dust Bowl Phenomenon Is Back (Video)”

  1. Of course it is back. My daughter’s nanny lived in the dustbowl in the 1930s, she could not bear to throw away a dab of potatoes or vegetables…….hunger was still a recent memory to her though it was 1972-73 that she lived in with us to take care of my daughter. She was a wonderful woman, raised five daughters in that misery, came to CA to work in the shipyards.
    She told me many stories of those days. Seems everything is falling apart at once, just as it did then, only now, it is much worse.
    Back then, we had leaders who wanted to get us out of such misery, today, they want to push people into it.
    Sad, and so predictable.


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