Dr. Len Horowitz Slams Medical Conspiracies For High Treason: Exposes AMA-CIA-AIDS Fraud & Genocide


World’s Leading Vaccine Pioneer Dr. Maurice Hilleman Admits: HIV And Cancer Come From Vaccines (Video)

HOROWITZ SLAMS MEDICAL CONSPIRATORS FOR HIGH TREASON: Exposes AMA-CIA-AIDS Fraud & Genocide from Revolution Television on Vimeo.

Nearly half of Americans subscribe to medical conspiracy theories purposely discredited.

This shocking short film by world leading drug industry whistleblower, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, “slam dunks” the propaganda issued by scientists and Western intelligence agents committing treason against the United States and other nations, killing people worldwide through the laboratory creation and vaccine transmission of HIV/AIDS.

“Who’s making the money?” this Harvard-trained behavioral scientist and public health expert in emerging diseases asks. The answer is made certain by his evidence exposing the “yellow presses” of the American Medical Association and Wall Street.

Dr. Horowitz produced this outstanding and courageous opposition to his own smearing by Wikipedia and other “agencies of deception” working with the CIA and National Security Agency to misinform and control populations through their propaganda. Public polling, in this case, provides a “pseudoscience protection racket for drug industry profits” through the widely publicized study by University of Chicago political scientists, J. Eric Oliver, PhD, and Thomas Wood, MA. Their propaganda defrauds people, diverts from the covered-up facts, “smoking guns,” and potential cures for the disease generated by multi-national corporate-controlled governments for profit and population control.

Proving HIV/AIDS was man-made, Dr. Horowitz shows you evidence of the most taboo subject of all in AIDS science–the use of contaminated CHIMPANZEES to produce the earliest hepatitis B vaccine studies using gay men in New York City who became the earliest, most heavily killed, victims of this treason.

Horowitz expresses his outrage over the propagandists’ false claim that “medical conspiracists” are mentally ill, or “cognitively blocking” “normal” thinking. Writing as a world-leading “medical conspiracist,” objecting to the JAMA article: “Medical Conspiracy Theories and Health Behaviors in the United States,” he exposes the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Chicago-based Tribute Company, owner of the Los Angeles Times, for committing “iatrogenocide”–mass murder with catastrophic social and economic consequences.

The medical conspiracy theories article, headlined by Melissa Healy for the Times, titled, “Nearly half of Americans subscribe to a medical conspiracy theory,” is outrageously misleading, scientifically erroneous, transparently commercial, and treasonous as it aids-and-abets doctor-induced mortality and morbidity ongoing in the AIDS genocide, and beyond, Dr. Horowitz reports.

“Every reasonably intelligent health behaviorist, or even veteran journalist, knows that questions determine answers, and the way questions are phrased determines people’s responses,” Dr. Horowitz explains with evidence proving consumer fraud by the political scientists serving the CIA and NSA’s public persuasion and population management agendas.

As the author of the award-winning book, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?,” Dr. Horowitz explores the CIA—HIV/AIDS conspiracy “theory” most thoroughly among all treatments of this taboo subject. His findings corroborate Dr. Alan Cantwell’s conclusions pursuant to the hepatitis b vaccine transmissions of HIV/AIDS killing mostly initially gay men in New York City.

The major “cognitive shortcut” in the fraudulent conclusions drawn by Oliver and Wood, Dr. Horowitz explains, is their polling question: “The CIA deliberately infected large numbers of African Americans with HIV under the guise of a hepatitis inoculation program.”

“No reasonably informed person would answer ‘yes’ to such a false and misleading question,” he says.

Alternatively, the more honest related question that received overwhelming public agreement was, “The Food and Drug Administration is deliberately preventing the public from getting natural cures for cancer and other diseases because of pressure from drug companies.”

The U of C study design was purposely flawed to obfuscate this most controversial matter, Dr. Horowitz reports, using the media’s propaganda to evidence an organized criminal conspiracy to sustain the drug-industry’s genocidal monopoly over “healthcare.”

“In conclusion, the aforementioned purveyors of propaganda should be more than ashamed of themselves,” Dr. Horowitz condemns. “They should be tried and convicted for high treason and mass murder.”

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