Pentagon Denies Any Validity To Lawsuit Brought By USS Ronald Reagan Sailors That Were Exposed To Extremely High Levels Of Fukushima Radiation (Video)

YouTube Added: Feb 20, 2014


February 20, 2014 CNN

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6 thoughts on “Pentagon Denies Any Validity To Lawsuit Brought By USS Ronald Reagan Sailors That Were Exposed To Extremely High Levels Of Fukushima Radiation (Video)”

  1. Were we not just discussing head in the sand mentality? There are medical records, photos, and doctors who will have to speak the truth, or lose their license to practice medicine.
    They would have been wiser to say they are researching the situation and would handle it in an appropriate manner. I am no diplomat, but such a statement in light of what has happened to these people shows incredible ignorance and false pride. They are going to lose. Unfortunately, so will all of us.
    Fukushima is going to cause the extinction of our entire race. Any species stupid enough to build something they cannot control does not deserve to survive……and we won’t.
    The denial of this grim truth is fed by a lying media that ignores the story, or tells absurd stories about how radiation helps humanity. The US media is as bad as Pravda was in the 1950s. The lies are so blatant, so obviously mendacious, that I find it difficult to understand why anyone listens to them.
    As a historian who studied history with emphasis on the art and science of propaganda, I realize US media has an outstanding propaganda system, highly polished, and full of obfuscation, tabloid and wedge issues. I find it insulting, and am disgusted so few people seem to recognize it for what it is…….lies!
    This was a stupid move. It isn’t well thought out at all. Stupid bureaucrats.

  2. In a nutshell.
    How on earth do the Military expect to recruit a high standard when word gets round of this treatment?
    First there was Gulf War Syndrome, which was denied.
    Then there was PTSD which was initially laughed at until the suicides started building up.
    There are many other cases of denial, like the Hercules A/C exhaust fume oxygen starvation issue….again it was denied.
    Plausible Deniability…..and effing parasite lawyers.
    No hope till AFTER they die and memories are faded.

  3. Lets get the Democrat Senators down to Fukushma along with these disbelieving judges. Believe me, its ALL perfectly safe, and we can get them to PROVE it!

    Of course, any lawsuits from them will be valid, because its them not us.

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