Europe In Grips Of Exceptionally Bad Weather

Europe in grips of exceptionally bad weather

Europe in grips of exceptionally bad weather (PressTV, Feb 1, 2014):

Heavy rain and snow have created chaotic conditions in parts of Europe, namely Italy, France, Serbia, and Romania.

Areas of Italy and France have been placed on flood alert.

Hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes in the Italian city of Pisa. France’s Atlantic coast is also expected to witness flooding.

In northern Serbia, strong winds forming snowdrifts have blocked roads and disrupted energy supplies.

Soldiers and special police were deployed on Friday to help evacuate dozens of people stranded in cars and buses on the blocked roads.

In Romania, the army has been called out to help unblock roads to villages cut off since last week’s blizzards.

Severe storms battered Europe for much of January.

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