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By Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff:

‘Let’s nuke Iran like we did to Iraq’ (PressTV, Dec 6, 2013):

When US Congressional Representative Duncan Hunter advocated on Wednesday that the United States attack Iran with nuclear weapons, he was speaking on something he was more than familiar with. He may well have been involved in the illegal use of nuclear weapons before while serving in Iraq.

Hunter’s threat to use nuclear weapons against Iran, made as a member of America’s government, constitutes not only a war crime but a probable violation of US law, i.e. conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. Hunter’s rationale, if we can use such a term, was not only unsupported by any evidence, but ran clearly against the policies of the government he is generously paid to serve. A question one might well ask is, “Paid by whom?”

Nuclear Iraq

Perhaps inadvertently, Hunter has exposed a secret America program to hide nuclear weapon use that has long existed, one discovered by scientists investigating genetic damage within the population of Iraq. Evidence has now come to light that Congressman Hunter, while serving as a Marine artillery officer near Fallujah, may have participated in nuclear attacks using specialized 155mm weapons he was specially trained to deploy. A 2010 medical study by Dr. Chris Busby, done in the Fallujah region, showed the presence of U235 in hair samples taken from local residents. This could only be the result of nuclear fission, the use of tactical nuclear weapons, typically delivered by artillery of the type used by Hunter’s command. Thus, when Hunter openly advocated the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iran, he may well have been speaking of something he was intimately familiar with. As a trained nuclear weapons officer, Hunter was at Fallujah when evidence has proven such weapons were deployed and in command of a unit uniquely capable of delivering such weapons.

Real proof condemns the United States

The aftermath of the nuclear attack at Fallujah can be seen in cancers, birth defects and fully non-depleted uranium in tissue samples taken from the local population. From a November 3, 2011 article in Veterans Today by Dr. Jim Fetzer, Dr. Christopher Busby and Leuren Moret: Heavy fire power was used in Fallujah in 2004: US Marines fire Nov. 11, 2004, on Fallujah with a 155 mm Howitzer. One of the weapons originally designed for this artillery piece was a tactical nuclear weapon (that could include a neutron warhead) designed by Samuel Cohen, to be fired in eastern Europe on Soviet troops during President Ronald Reagan’s term in office. The excerpt comes from Dr. Fetzer’s interview with Busby and Moret, presenting a compelling case, unrefuted in any way, citing extensive evidence of the use of one or more types of illegal nuclear weapons at Fallujah by American forces. After 9/11, Hunter, the son of the chairman of the powerful House Armed Forces Committee, joined the Marine Corps. Typically, when a son of a powerful member of government enters the military, the “brass” not only protects him and gives him every special treatment, they see to it that his “ticket is punched” allowing him to claim to be a war hero and move into Congress himself. This is how the military gets the support it wants, golf courses, executive jets for officers and starvation wages and endless war for enlisted men and women.

“Hanoi John” McCain

We have seen this story before. John McCain, son of an admiral, flunked flight school but was made a pilot anyway and, when captured by the North Vietnamese, received special treatment in return for years of cooperation, propaganda broadcasts, helping train gunners and more. McCain received a presidential pardon when he was “released” by North Vietnam, in order to avoid prison. He had been charged with treason by Colonel Ted Guy, his commander while a POW.

The two Bushes, “Less and Lesser”

Similarly both Bush presidents, 41 and 43, received special treatment during military service. Bush 41 was allowed through flight school at 19 years old and was accused of killing the crewmen of his Avenger torpedo bomber. Bush senior, the “war hero,” as with McCain, had a very different reputation among those familiar with his real military service. From Webster Tarpley’s Unauthorized Biography of George H. W. Bush: …The Bush propaganda machine needs the fire on board the Avenger in order to justify Bush’s precipitous decision to bail out, leaving his two crew members to their fate, rather than attempting the water landing which might have saved them. The only person who has ever claimed to have seen Bush’s plane get hit, and to have seen it hit the water, is Chester Mierzejewksi, who was the rear turret gunner in the aircraft flown by Squadron Commander Douglas Melvin. During 1987-88, Mierzejewksi became increasingly indignant as he watched Bush repeat his canonical account of how he was shot down. Shortly before the Republican National Convention in 1988, Mierzekewski, by then a 68-year-old retired aircraft foreman living in Cheshire, Connecticut, decided to tell his story to Allan Wolper and Al Ellenberg of the New York Post… “That guy is not telling the truth,” Mierzejewski said of Bush. Tarpley’s exhaustive investigation of what the press characterized as Bush heroism was, most likely, an act of panic that caused the unnecessary death of two crewmen, the act of a fearful and incompetent pilot later exploited for political gain. Bush then, of course, was the son of a United States senator who would stand accused of financial dealings with Nazi Germany during the war. If anything, the son, Bush 43, exceeds all of this. Bush joined an Air Force reserve unit, bypassing a multi-year waiting list in order to join a unit that would and could never be sent into combat. Records prove failed medical tests over issues of drug use and eventually simply “walked away” from the military and never showed up again. Nobody ever asked a question as his father was, at the time, Chief of Staff to the President of the United States.

“Nuke nutcase” Hunter

Hunter’s service in Iraq and Afghanistan should now be questioned in light of his recent statements that demonstrate, minimally, his lack of respect for international law and his position as an elected official. One might well surmise that he is being paid by a foreign government, a conclusion one might also make of John Bolton and Michelle Bachmann, other outspoken advocates of nuclear apocalypse. Anyone with remote familiarity with geopolitics, even at the most rudimentary level, a description that covers the top 1% of members of Congress, is aware of what would transpire if the United States were to use nuclear weapons and actually get caught. Within hours, the dollar would have more value burned for fuel than as a currency.

Within hours, an international coalition led by Russia and China would supplant all US interests around the world, Europe, Asia and Africa. Within hours, American embassies around the world would be burning documents and waiting for helicopters, shadows of Saigon 1975. Within days, inside America, politicians hanging from trees would be as common as Christmas ornaments.

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