Nutcase Rep. Duncan Hunter: ‘Let’s Nuke Iran Like We Did To Iraq’


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By Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff:

‘Let’s nuke Iran like we did to Iraq’ (PressTV, Dec 6, 2013):

When US Congressional Representative Duncan Hunter advocated on Wednesday that the United States attack Iran with nuclear weapons, he was speaking on something he was more than familiar with. He may well have been involved in the illegal use of nuclear weapons before while serving in Iraq.

Hunter’s threat to use nuclear weapons against Iran, made as a member of America’s government, constitutes not only a war crime but a probable violation of US law, i.e. conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. Hunter’s rationale, if we can use such a term, was not only unsupported by any evidence, but ran clearly against the policies of the government he is generously paid to serve. A question one might well ask is, “Paid by whom?”

Nuclear Iraq

Perhaps inadvertently, Hunter has exposed a secret America program to hide nuclear weapon use that has long existed, one discovered by scientists investigating genetic damage within the population of Iraq. Evidence has now come to light that Congressman Hunter, while serving as a Marine artillery officer near Fallujah, may have participated in nuclear attacks using specialized 155mm weapons he was specially trained to deploy. A 2010 medical study by Dr. Chris Busby, done in the Fallujah region, showed the presence of U235 in hair samples taken from local residents. This could only be the result of nuclear fission, the use of tactical nuclear weapons, typically delivered by artillery of the type used by Hunter’s command. Thus, when Hunter openly advocated the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iran, he may well have been speaking of something he was intimately familiar with. As a trained nuclear weapons officer, Hunter was at Fallujah when evidence has proven such weapons were deployed and in command of a unit uniquely capable of delivering such weapons.

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Pentagon seeks authority over training foreign militaries

Representative Duncan Hunter, the ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, suggested that the military was being saddled with additional responsibilities because the State Department has been sluggish in responding to new needs. Hunter said “the need to train and equip foreign forces and to provide stabilization programs will remain necessary as we continue to fight the global war on terror.”

The Pentagon asked Congress Tuesday to give it permanent authority over training and equipping foreign militaries, in a shifting of roles from the State Department.

Both Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sought Congressional approval for the change, as well as authorization for the Pentagon to spend 750 million dollars in 2009 in helping foreign militaries.

Gates told members of the House Armed Services Committee the foreign military assistance program is “a vital and enduring military requirement, irrespective of the capacity of other departments, and its authorities and funding mechanisms should reflect that reality.”

Some lawmakers said it raised questions about the military’s growing role in domains traditionally reserved for diplomats.

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