Green Smoothies: Curing Obesity (Starting From 447 Pounds) & Type 2 Diabetes (Video)


‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ (Full Documentary)



Clent Manich shares his inspiring story of losing 226 pounds and overcoming diabetes by drinking green smoothies.


Green for Life: The Updated Classic on Green Smoothie Nutrition

Dr. Donato’s website: Dolphin Health & Education

From his website:

Below is a typical weekly lifestyle health maintenance routine of Dr. Donato:


85 percent raw vegan food

15 percent low heat waterless cooked vegan food (300 calories/day)

Raw vegetable juices

Raw non-sweet green smoothies

Plenty of dark leafy greens

Plenty of vegetables

Plenty of non-sweet fruits

Some avocados

Some raw seeds

Some raw nuts

Some flax seed oil

Some quinoa or oatmeal


4-5 mile run, twice a week

15 min low/high speed interval run/sprint, three times a week

30 min weight-lifting 4 times a week


Sauna/steam, twice a week

Coffee enemas, three times a week

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