Congressman Alan Grayson Allowed To Read Secret Treaty Says ‘This … Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests’ (Video)


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First Congressman Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “This … Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests” (ZeroHedge, June 19, 2013):

We reported last year:

Democratic Senator Wyden – the head of the committee which is supposed to oversee it – is so furious about the lack of access that he has introduced legislation to force disclosure.

Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is so upset by it that he has leaked a document on his website to show what’s going on.

What is everyone so furious about?

An international treaty being negotiated in secret which would not only crack down on Internet privacy much more than SOPA or ACTA, but would actually destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and all other signatories.

It is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Wyden is the chairman of the trade committee in the Senate … the committee which is supposed to have jurisdiction over the TPP.

Wyden is also on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and so he and his staff have high security clearances and are normally able to look at classified documents.

And yet Wyden and his staff have been denied access to the TPP’s text.

Indeed, the decision to keep the text of TPP secret was itself classified as secret:

(I have also received a tip from a credible inside source that TPP contains provisions which would severely harm America’s national security. Specifically, like some previous, ill-conceived treaties, TPP would allow foreign companies to buy sensitive American assets which could subject us to terror attacks or economic blackmail.)

Yesterday, Congressman Alan Grayson (who knows how to read legislation … he was a successful lawyer before he was elected to Congress, and has written and co-sponsored numerous bills himself including the bill to audit the Federal Reserve and – most recently – the “Mind Your Own Business Act” to stop NSA spying) announced that he had been allowed to read the text of TPP – and that it is  an anti-American power grab by big corporations:

Last month, 10,000 of us submitted comments to the United States Trade Representative (USTR), in which we objected to new so-called free trade agreements. We asked that the government not sell out our democracy to corporate interests.

Because of this pressure, the USTR  finally let a member of Congress – little ole me, Alan Grayson [anyone who’s seen Grayson in action knows that he is formidable] – actually see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a large, secret trade agreement that is being negotiated with many countries in East Asia and South America.

The TPP is nicknamed “NAFTA on steroids.”  Now that I’ve read it, I can see why. I can’t tell you what’s in the agreement, because the U.S. Trade Representative calls it classified. But I can tell you two things about it.

1)    There is no national security purpose in keeping this text secret.

2)    This agreement hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests.

3)    What they can’t afford to tell the American public is that [the rest of this sentence is classified].


I will be fighting this agreement with everything I’ve got. And I know you’ll be there every step of the way.



Congressman Alan Grayson

Grayson also noted:

It is ironic in a way that the government thinks it’s alright to have a record of every single call that an American makes, but not alright for an American citizen to know what sovereign powers the government is negotiating away.


Having seen what I’ve seen, I would characterize this as a gross abrogation of American sovereignty. And I would further characterize it as a punch in the face to the middle class of America. I think that’s fair to say from what I’ve seen so far. But I’m not allowed to tell you why!

Remember that one of the best definitions of fascism – the one used by Mussolini – is the “merger of state and corporate power”. Our nation has been moving in that direction for a number of years, where government and giant corporations are becoming more and more intertwined in a malignant, symbiotic relationship.   TPP would be the nail in the coffin for free market economics and democracy.

Note to progressives who support public banking: This is a key battle.

Note to those who oppose to what they call “one world government” or a “new world order”: This is the big fight.

2 thoughts on “Congressman Alan Grayson Allowed To Read Secret Treaty Says ‘This … Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests’ (Video)”

  1. I will try and be brief.
    I am an Australian. Here we have heard nothing of the TPP re- Australia.
    We know the US is a captured country via corporates. We are also probably in the same space.
    The TPP is so onerous that we would never vote for it and repeal it if it ever got through. Same with other countries.

    2 points(among the many) with regard to the TPP and Australia.
    1) It wipes out our PBS (prescribe benefits system-Medical). Big Phama has tried for years to smash this. This is a red line to us. Do not mess here.
    2) TPP will facilitate our 4 pillars policy on banking to be scrapped.
    We have 4 large banks and they cannot in any way reduce this number.
    Another red line. Our 4 banks have for years tried to smash the 4 pillars.

    So we come to the question why and how?
    1)Why would the intelligent corporates and elites embark on such a suicidal mission? Because they believe they have the muscle to make it happen!
    Is this the NEW WORLD ORDER?? Then the elites are the corporates and this is there vehicle for one world.
    2) HOW? how are they going to pull it off. They need to divert us?
    Well first we are told that the current western economic system is a ponzi scheme waiting to implode.
    Then we are constantly reminded of WW111 starting in the middle east.
    So is the diversion an economic crisis coming with war (however limited or not).

    Can we expect a yanki delegation to come down under and read us the riot act.
    Sign the TPP and come under our security blanket (both financial and military).
    So the TPP will then involve security, exchange rates ( a devalued US dollar remaining as the reserve currency), central banking system reinforced trade, new set of laws, on and on.
    And you can never leave.
    I can see these trans national corporations paying near zero tax.They pay bugger all now.
    Corporate Nirvana and Elite heaven.
    Goodbuy middle class. Hello serfdom.

    You know if I were elite looking into the future with all its doom and doom,
    I would come love a plan like the TPP.
    There’s opportunity in a crisis. If no crisis, then make one.
    My thoughts only,
    PS:- I may appear cavalier, but I assure you I am deeply pissed off, angry and
    at the same time scared. A huge social upheaval is coming.
    Thank god we have not got a homeland security.


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