Governments Worldwide Are Implementing Orwellian Gold Confiscation Today. You Just Haven’t Realized it Yet.

Governments Worldwide are Implementing Orwellian Gold Confiscation Today. You Just Haven’t Realized it Yet. (ZeroHedge, March 7, 2013):

Bankers Have Flipped Monetary Truth Upside Down

Bankers have flipped the paradigm of monetary truth upside down today. People believe in fiat digital money that is, by definition of the term, counterfeit and have zero belief in money that is real, and thus lasted over 5000 years of global history. In fact so few people today have an understanding of monetary history and truth that when I tell them that all money in wide use and circulation today is the equivalent of counterfeit money, even though this is true, they look at me like my beliefs, not their beliefs, are crazy. Hopefully this article will finally open some eyes and answer the question, “What is money and what is not?”

Executive Order 6102 Was Passed to Force Americans to Use Counterfeit Instead of REAL Money

In 1933, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt betrayed America and signed Executive Order 6102 into law, making physical possession of more than $100 of gold illegal and punishable by a $10,000 fine and 10 years of prison, to bail out the private Rothschild banking family that controlled and owned the Bank of England, because the Rothshchilds had counterfeited the Pound Sterling to finance World War I. Pre-WWI, the pound was 15% backed by gold reserves. Post-WWI, because the Rothschilds had created pounds of thin air backed by nothing and failed to maintain the gold standard, the pound was only 7% backed by gold reserves. Yet, the Rothschilds and the Bank of England refused to revalue the gold/pound exchange rate. However, back then, unlike today, people understood how money works, called the Rothschilds on their scam and started converting their heavily counterfeited and devalued pounds into gold at the pre-WWI gold/pound exchange rate, knowing that they were receiving more gold per pound than the gold reserves (backing the pound) held by the Rothschilds should dictate.

This is why the thought of a return to a monetary system of gold and silver money absolutely terrifies the criminal banking cartel so much. Note that this is completely different than the criminal banking cartel fearing gold ownership for themselves. They are snapping up as much physical gold as possible right now. They just don’t want YOU to own any. A 100% gold backed monetary system (the only kind of gold standard I support) allows the people to punish the bankers and take their wealth when they try to cheat us. A counterfeit fiat digital system, the kind we all use today, however, allows bankers to perpetually steal wealth from all of us. Under our current counterfeit monetary system of fiat digital currencies, of course we can still choose to convert our counterfeit digital money backed by air into the real money of physical gold and silver, but so few people choose to do this. So let’s explore why. In order to stop their gold losses, the Bank of England asked the US Federal Reserve to start counterfeiting US dollars to weaken the dollar against the pound. With heavy devaluation of the two major global currencies at hand and the ongoing collapse of the German mark, when the Reichsbank hyperinflated marks to such a degree that the largest denominated note increased from just 1000 marks to an insane 100,000,000,000 marks in short time (yes, there was a 100 billion mark note back then, probably the inspiration for Paul Krugman’s idiotic suggestion of printing ONE TRILLION dollar coins to pay off the REAL US national debt of $200+ trillion), many people justly and rightfully preferred converting their treasonous devaluing paper fiat money into the real money of gold.

So the ongoing counterfeiting of the world’s major currencies eventually led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to betray all Americans and choose to serve his money masters instead of serving the people (all governments only give lip service to serving the people but in reality, always serve the interest of their money masters only). To save his masters, the bankers, Roosevelt passed Executive Order 6102, an EO that literally stole gold from American citizens, gave it to the bankers, and gave Americans devaluing counterfeit money instead. Before you tune out, if you believe my labeling of US dollars as counterfeit money is “unpatriotic”, I will prove to you that all fiat money today is counterfeit money beyond a shadow of a doubt, and that in fact, a true patriot would despise the digital US dollar backed by nothing and the bankers that have created them. Today, with massive devaluation of all global currencies, with the Yen falling an astounding 24% against the Euro in just a few months, one would think that everyone in the world would learn from Executive Order 6102 that the way to preserve their wealth against the criminal amoral banking class is to convert not 5%, not 10%, and not even 30%, but as much of their fiat and digital currency as humanly possible into physical gold and physical silver.

However, there was one massive difference between citizens of the early 1900s and citizens today that prevents people from grasping this realization and that required bankers to outright steal private citizen’s stores of gold back then through the mandate of a Presidential Executive Order – the widespread knowledge of monetary truth.

All through the 1800s until 1879 in the United States, a bi-metallic standard existed in which physical gold and silver and paper notes backed by gold and silver were used as money. However, back then, paper notes backed by gold, though they were in circulation and even issued by the US Treasury, were not even considered “legal tender”. In 1879, the bimetallic gold and silver standard in the US was changed to a gold standard that remained in effect until 1933. Thus throughout the 1800s and the early-to-mid 1900s, nearly 100% of Americans understood that only gold and silver were ever to be trusted as money and that paper notes, if not backed by gold or silver, were just that, paper and nothing more. Even the vast majority of the middle-class and poor in the US that did not have enough resources to accumulate physical gold and physical silver still understood that they should accept only gold and silver as real money and that all else should be considered as fake or counterfeit money. It was this widespread understanding and knowledge of monetary truth that caused bankers to panic after they started counterfeiting money in masse during World War I and led them to order President Roosevelt to confiscate people’s gold in 1933, the year the gold standard effectively ended in the US.

People Don’t Have the Knowledge to Wage War Against the Bankers & Win Today Because Bankers Have Nearly Purged All Truth About Money From History Books & Education

However, today, we have a completely different scenario because of this massive gap in knowledge about money between 1800 and 1900 America and 2013 America. In the 80 years since the bankers ceased convertibility of bank notes into gold in 1933, the bankers have worked furiously to purge all history of monetary truths from school books in the same manner that brutal dictators Chairman Mao and Pol Pot chose to purge the cultural history of their nations from the memories of their citizens. After all, today’s people can’t miss monetary freedom if they lack the knowledge of their ancestors and never knew it existed in their recent history, even when monetary freedom (v. the monetary enslavement of today) existed less than one generation ago. This mission of the bankers in America was to purge from the memories of all Americans the history of stable economic growth and widespread prosperity realized under a gold standard, and they, by and large, succeeded. If I tell people today that the global banking system is a Ponzi scheme that runs on counterfeit money, even “educated” people (though they are more properly labelled as the re-educated and miseducated) look at me like I have lost my mind. This is how I know that the bankers have successfully purged almost all knowledge of monetary truth from the memories of today’s citizens. Thus the situation today is nearly the exact opposite of what existed less than a century ago. Back then, nearly 100% of people understand that no money was to be accepted except gold and silver and certainly never to accept paper backed by nothing. Today, you would be hard pressed to find one person out of 100,000 that understands this.

The US Federal Reserve Turns REAL Money In Widespread Circulation Into COUNTERFEIT Money

In fact, ever since private bankers created the US Federal Reserve in 1913 and then turned money from REAL money into COUNTERFEIT money in 1933, they have continued to commit the same degradation of fiat currencies that they committed during WWI, but only on an exponentially more rapid timeline. In other words from 1800 to 1929, the price index in America was about the same after 130 years under a gold standard (though there were volatile periods in between)! However, it is important to note that the periods of upward volatility in the price index were created only during periods when bankers willfully abandoned the gold standard and counterfeited US dollars, as was the case during the US Civil War, when banker Elbridge G. Spaulding convinced President Lincoln to issue the infamous Greenback, backed by nothing, to fund the war. During the Civil War, prices soared due to inflation, but a return to the gold standard after the war ended brought post-war prices back in line with pre-war prices once again. This is what REAL money does – it regulates economic growth in a sustainable manner, disallows massive price distortions that counterfeit money encourages and keeps prices constant over long periods of time. So anytime you read about banking shills that argue against a gold standard because they point to periods of massive inflation that existed under a gold standard, you will discover that during these periods, bankers were either diluting the gold standard and cheating the people, or that a PSEUDO, and not a TRUE, gold standard, i.e. Bretton Woods, was in use. COUNTERFEIT money, on the other hand, devalues money over long periods of time, and thus, has a built-in component of forever creating more and more poverty. That is why today, in New York City, the words “Give me your tired, your poor” that appear on the Statue of Liberty are unfortunately more apropos than ever, as our acceptance of the use of counterfeit money has caused conditions of homelessness in NYC to now approach the miserable conditions that existed during the Great Depression. Yes, you have your friendly neighborhood banker to thank for this, and if you still don’t understand, please keep reading.

After Roosevelt passed the treasonous Executive Order 6102 that confiscated gold, and he caved in to the bankers’ plan to turn the world’s REAL money into 100% COUNTERFEIT money, the price index nearly doubled in the next 20 years, and then increased 400% over the subsequent 40 years. This is what counterfeiting money achieves. Cheap imitation copies of the original product (1973 dollars) devalues all existing original product (1933 dollars). Thus, the situation that caused people to fear the banker’s criminality in the 1930s and led to an overwhelming desire to hold physical gold versus paper has actually worsened at an exponential pace ever since Executive Order 6102. But thanks to the re-education camps of modern academics today, the situation accepted by no Americans in the 1920s is now not only willingly accepted by nearly 100% of Americans today but also accepted by nearly 100% of the 7 billion people populating this earth (with the exception of the Japanese, Indians, Chinese, and Middle Eastern peoples).

Bankers Have Already Been Running Executive Order 6102-Like Interference in South Korea and in India

And this is why instead of confiscation today, banker-controlled and run Western governments (as detailed in “The Quiet Coup”, by Simon Johnson) only need to concentrate on pre-emptive strikes that convince people NOT to buy gold and silver today. By besieging the people with psychological warfare, the bankers’ pre-emptive strikes achieve the exact same mission as the gold confiscation mandate of Executive Order 6102 by keeping gold (and silver) out of the hands of the people. As I’ve made reference to this above, in regions of the world where the citizenry has NOT been brainwashed into ignorance about monetary truth by banker-controlled re-education curricula, governments have resorted to chicanery and legislation to confiscate and steal the people’s gold and to prevent them from buying more. For example, during the 1997 SE Asian Tigers banking crisis, the banker-controlled S. Korean government tricked people into giving up their gold by using the political angle of patriotism.

The Korean government launched a “Collect Gold for the Love of Korea” campaign and recruited the help of three major Korean corporations, Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai, to trick all Korean citizens into believing that if they didn’t turn over their gold to the government, they were “unpatriotic”. Shame on Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai for tricking their own people like this. In fact, the most patriotic thing Korean citizens could have done was defy the government, buy guns with their gold, and round up and jail the criminal banking class that destroyed the won from an exchange rate of 800 won per USD to a pathetic exchange rate of 1,700 won per USD during this crisis. Had Koreans done this instead of falling victim to this banker driven scam, South Korea would perhaps not be suffering from monetary and economic distresses today. Instead, incredulously the bankers were able to scam well over 100,000 citizens, including even my grandmother back then, as Koreans cumulatively donated more than 20 tonnes of gold to the bankers (the exact amount remains unknown today because the government stopped reporting official numbers after the donations ran in excess of 20 tonnes). Today, at a price of $1,580 a troy ounce, those 20 tonnes represent more than $1 billion of wealth stolen by bankers through their use of simple propaganda. So in 1997, South Koreans received and responded to Executive Order 6102 delivered under the guise of “patriotism”.

In India, scams of “Give Up Your Gold for the Love of India” would never work because Indians in general, as one of the largest private holders of gold in the world, understand that gold is real money and that rupees are counterfeit money. This is why, even the poor in India will convert their rupees into gold whenever possible. Thus to achieve the mission of Executive Order 6102 in India, bankers need to legislate Indian’s gold buying habits because psychological warfare, effective in other countries, will have no effect in India. When gold is raided in paper markets by bankers and the price drops, Westerners may panic sell in fear, but not Indians. Indians will correctly see the drop as a significant buying opportunity and buy more gold. Furthermore, despite gold’s more than 500% ascent from $250 an troy ounce to $1580, Indians understand that a 500% increase in price does not make gold expensive, but understand that only over valuation can make gold expensive and since gold is still severely undervalued, that it is still a bargain after a 500% increase in price. Thus, the criminal banking class has to assert itself differently in India to accomplish the mission of EO 6102. To stop gold buying, bankers that control India have jacked up the import tax on gold from 1% in December of 2011 to 6% and are discussing a further increase to 8% right now, a move that would represent a 700% increase of the tax on gold in little over a one-year period. Welcome to the pre-emptive strike I discussed above and the Indian equivalent of the tyrannical US Executive Order 6102.

How Is The Current Administration Achieving the Goals of Executive Order 6102 in the US Today? Through Psychological Warfare

Finally, what methods are the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and their agent bullion banks in the US employing to re-enact Executive Order 6102 in the United States? Again, since re-education about the monetary and banking system has been completed in America and only a tiny percentage of Americans understand that only gold and silver are money, and all US dollars are nothing but credit (aka counterfeit money), ownership of physical gold (and silver) by the masses is accordingly low. Thus, bankers have also decided to use pre-emptive psychological strikes of irrational fear against the people to accomplish the mission of Executive Order 6102. If the bankers can keep Americans from buying physical gold and physical silver and keep Westerners invested in hugely devaluing dollars, Euros, Pounds, and yen in the form of the global stock markets, then they have achieved their mission of perpetuating our massive fiat counterfeit money bubble. Why do we have a counterfeit money bubble? Because the intrinsic value of all counterfeit money is zero. Thus, when this counterfeit money bubble pops, fiat money millionaires will be welcomed to poverty.

In order to keep people “fearful” of gold, bankers have deliberately introduced massive artificial volatility into the price of spot gold and spot silver through their manipulation of paper derivative products along with these three additional techniques I explain in this article.

Remember by keeping people fearful of buying gold NOW with massive propaganda, then there is no need for bankers to confiscate peoples’ gold LATER.

When the bankers finally massively revalue gold in coming years as they did in 1933, when the revalued gold by 69% higher AFTER confiscating it from the people, they will own the most gold and will benefit the most of all peoples, and cause enormous losses of wealth among all people that they have convinced to hold on to fiat counterfeit paper money like the US dollar, the Euro, the Pound Sterling and the Yen. To summarize, bankers have initiated pre-emptive strikes against Western citizens using rigged volatility in gold and silver markets to create and foster fear among Westerners regarding a collapse of physical gold and physical silver prices that simply will not happen. The end effect of these tactics are the exact same as Executive Order 6102: a citizenry that continues to store his wealth in a paper fiat currency that buys less and less every year and almost zero amounts in real money, physical gold and physical silver.

A Simple Example That Should Make It Crystal Clear That ALL Fiat Currency Today is COUNTERFEIT Money

I leave you with a very simple fact-based story to conclude this article. If you had kept $20,000 in a bank savings account since 1913, you would still only have $20,000 dollars in your bank account. But remember that in 1913, one would have been able to buy a very large house with $20,000 whereas today, one can not even buy a decent new car with $20,000. Obviously, the nominal amount of dollars has no meaning and accumulating significantly more dollars does not make one richer as many American foolishly believe today. To buy the same $20,000 house one could buy in 1913, since bankers have destroyed 98% of the purchasing power of the 1913 dollar with their counterfeiting efforts over the last 100 years, one would now need 50X the amount of 1913 $20,000 dollars today, or a whopping $1,000,000 2013 dollars just to buy the same house that $20,000 could have afforded you in 1913.

Another way of stating that is even if you had $999,999 2013 dollars versus only $20,000 1913 dollars, you would still be poorer today than you were in 1913, an astounding fact.

Now imagine you had converted your $20,000 into gold in 1913. In 1913, gold was priced at $18.92 an ounce. Therefore $20,000 would have bought 1,057 ounces of gold. Instead of holding $20,000 in the bank since 1913, had you converted this COUNTERFEIT money in the form of US dollars into the REAL money of gold and simply held 1,057 ounces of gold in a vault (granted one outside of the US) since 1913, your 1,057 ounces of vaulted gold would now be worth 1,057 ounces * 1,580 an ounce = $1,670,060 2013 dollars. And when gold reaches $5,000 an ounce, these 1,057 ounces will increase from $1,670,060 2013 dollars to $5,285,000 future-year dollars. I’ve actually told a class full of 10-year old children that hadn’t yet been exposed to the re-education process this very example and asked them what would they want today given the following choice: $20,000 of USD or $20,000 of gold? 100% of them answered $20,000 of gold because this example makes the decision so clear and so simple.

What is money? Something that holds its value over 80 years and increases 83X in value (gold) against the “thing” (USD) we call money today, or something (USD) that plummets to 1/50th of its value in 80 years?

This example alone should be able to convince 100% of people of what is REAL money and what is COUNTERFEIT money and that the bankers’ objectives are to keep you from owning REAL money and to keep you holding COUNTERFEIT money. The lunacy of bankers’ re-education campaigns, in which they have instructed people to believe that COUNTERFEIT money is REAL money and REAL money is COUNTERFEIT money, is that most people that would never consider buying gold today or turning their paper COUNTERFEIT money into REAL gold money or REAL silver money have heard about the US government stealing gold from American citizens through Executive Order 6102 in 1933. And most people understand that you would not steal something that has NO VALUE and give people something in exchange that has MORE VALUE. Yet when the bankers stole people’s gold in 1933, they gave them fiat COUNTERFEIT US dollars in exchange for their REAL money of gold. Yet today, people cannot connect the simple dots and still choose to hold FIAT CURRENCIES that have LESS VALUE and GUARANTEE THEM LESS WEALTH in the future instead of simply exchanging it for something of MORE VALUE that GUARANTEES THEM MORE WEALTH in the future. The definition of a counterfeit good is something that looks like the original but is of lesser value than the original or dilutes the value of the original. That is exactly the definition of all fiat money today. In the example above, a 2013 dollar is only worth 1/50th of the value of a 1913 dollar because every additional COUNTERFEIT dollar the Central Banking families creates dilutes the value of that original 1913 dollar.

The funny thing is, as I’ve explained in this article, governments and bankers worldwide are successfully imposing the end goals of Executive Order 6102 on us with impunity and without as much as a single whimper out of us due to our utter failure to understand the artificial rigging mechanisms bankers use to set spot gold and spot silver prices. Thus whenever the criminal banking cartel utilizes these rigging mechanisms to game gold and silver prices lower and release through the media and banks that they own that gold and silver are bubbles that have just burst, this is sufficient to keep millions of Westerners from ever buying their first physical ounce of gold or silver. Or even worse yet, bankers have shuttled people into phony ETFs like the GLD and SLV that likely own COUNTERFEIT gold and silver. I am still amazed today, that when I tell people to convert as much of their fiat paper into physical gold and physical silver as possible to protect their wealth, that the majority, not the minority of people, still view gold as the risky asset and fake COUNTERFEIT fiat money as the safe asset even though I have informed them that the US dollar that has lost 98% of its value and purchasing power since 1913! Yes, all those suits at the big global commercial investment firms are wildly wrong when they inform you that you should have 5% or 10% of your physical assets in gold. At SmartKnowledgeU, I’ve been telling our clients to own gold since $580 an ounce and silver since less than $11 an ounce because of the indisputable facts of monetary history. In my 2008 article, in which I explained why $800 gold was still cheap, the media was trying to sell the people an idea that $800 gold was massively expensive and signs of the existence of a gold bubble back then, furthering this notion with the lie that “gold [was] at 27-year highs.” In this article, I deliberately used the grossly under-reported US “official” inflation statistics to determine an inflation-adjusted gold price to illustrate why gold was still a great value at $800 an ounce, as in 2008, trying to cram 100% truth down the throats of an unwilling-to-listen populace by using the real inflation statistics of Shadowstats would have been a near impossibility.

How To Protect Your Wealth Against the Counterfeiting Racket of Central & Commercial Banks Worldwide

The conversion of 5% to 10% of your assets into physical gold (remember, never buy paper gold) will be insufficient to protect your wealth when hyperinflation arrives due to the legalized counterfeiting racket known as the Central Banking and Commercial Banking system. You should be converting as much of your fiat currency into physical gold (and silver) as possible, even 90% or more, if that is possible for you to do. As far as those that say doing so is impractical, research the avenues to do this that now exist, use the grey matter inside your head called your brain, and you will find that technology has rendered the accumulation of REAL MONEY today as very practical. History already tells us what is coming in the future and what is the right thing to do. Even so, due to the mass media spreading 1000 articles of lies and propaganda about gold and silver for every one article of truth that surfaces in the independent media, the vast majority of people will still ignore history and insist on subjecting themselves to massive wealth destruction by holding on to their fiat COUNTERFEIT money and self-inflicting Executive Order 6102 upon themselves when no one is forcing them to do so.

Of course, if people would only understand the monetary truths and could digest the monetary facts contained in this article without regurgitating them to make room for the brainwashing propaganda of bankers, we already would have overthrown the corrupt criminal global banking cartels years, or perhaps decades ago, through peaceful means. If you don’t understand what this statement means, simply re-read this article and the solution to defeating the bankers’ systematic mission of bankrupting the world’s citizens will soon become clear. What we know from history, especially in the banking world, is that unfortunately we are destined to repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors despite being presented with indisputable historical evidence that should move us to action. Thus, I’m leaving it up to each one of you to spread the monetary truth of this article to everyone you know until understanding of monetary truth becomes as common today as it once was throughout the 1800s and early 1900s.

Arguments Against the Re-Implementation of a Gold Standard Are ALL Without Merit

Though I have not discussed how counterfeit money allows bankers to rig the prices of all markets and immorally and unfairly hoard all wealth for themselves, as this is a topic beyond the scope of this article, please refer to the below video titled “Wealth Inequality in America” to see a visual representation of just how obscene wealth distribution in America has become. Also you can read this excerpt from my recent book The Golden Gift, that explains why these arguments are without merit.

I imagine this wealth distribution pattern to be just as obscene in many EU nations as well. In addition, I believe that the top 1% of the wealthiest in America currently also own the lion’s share of all physical gold and physical silver in the United States. Because this top 1% benefits the most from rigged financial markets and truly understand the rigging games as opposed to the masses, they are the most likely to have been converting their COUNTERFEIT fiat paper money into REAL money like physical gold and physical silver. Now I want to make it crystal clear that my intent is not to demonize the top 1% of the wealthiest people in any country as surely there are some entrepreneurs among this group that earned their wealth honestly. However, those that earned their immense wealth through immorally rigging markets, like the LIBOR market, the gold and silver market, and so forth, are the ones for whom I have much disdain.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week on my blog, theUndergroundInvestor, as I’ll discuss more of the psychological warfare tactics that bankers have employed against us in their (not our) academic system that have led us down the path to weak convergent thinking (v. enlightened divergent thinking) that ultimately is responsible for our failure to understand a reality of our monetary system that is very different than the one bankers have taught us to believe. Here’s some food for thought in the meantime before my next article: I have found it much easier to teach home-schooled teenagers to understand the reality of our Counterfeit monetary system today than teenagers that attend traditional schools in the public/private education system. Why do you think the fable of “Curiosity killed the cat” is so widely known and popular among children? Instead of teaching kids how to find Waldo (Wally), parents should be teaching their kids how to spot counterfeit money and to replace it with real money.
Would you accept counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags, counterfeit Coach wallets and counterfeit Samsung Galaxy S2 phones as payment for your work? If not, then you certainly shouldn’t be accepting counterfeit Euros, Yen, Dollars, or Pounds as payment for your work without converting it immediately into REAL money. 

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