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Gordon Duff: is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest.

The truth about Americans and guns (PressTV, Jan 2, 2013):

With the discussions of gun seizures in the US, discussions primarily tied to stock manipulation scams within the sporting goods/arms industry and National Rifle Association, it is, perhaps, time we took a look at American gun owners.

Are they a force that will protect America from tyranny or are they more a gullible and dangerous tool of powerful special interest groups?

During the 1980s, the “militia movement” in the United States began. The movement was largely built on the example set by author J. B. Campbell, a good friend. Militias were intended to represent an armed and organized independent force free of empty rhetoric that the two political parties had become known for. However, things went wrong.

Before a year was out, half the members of “militia” groups were FBI informants and a mysterious influx of money put those who claimed to be fighting tyranny solidly behind the Israel lobby and Wall Street.

The largest of the groups, the Michigan Militia, actually disbanded when Bush 43 came to office, stating:
“There is no longer a need to defend freedoms in the US as we trust totally in President Bush.”

As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make things like that up.”

What I saw so very clearly then and even more clearly today is that too many gun owners are obsessed with their own “2nd Amendment rights” and are willing to “burn down” the rest of America’s freedoms in the process.

The majority of gun owners are not just oblivious to constitutional guarantees but have been wildly in favor of drone attacks, Gaza bombing, torture and rendition, illegal surveillance and suspension of habeas corpus.

On the whole, were one to look for what is best in America, those who favor freedom and equality for all as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, gun owners are far from the top of the list.

I am an American gun owner, collector and gunsmith. I know guns, I have used guns in combat, including as a Marine sniper in Vietnam.

As a very “pro-gun” individual, I reel at the thought of “organized gun owners” and their long history of racism, bigotry and susceptibility to childish propaganda.

It is my belief, and not without reason, that if Homeland Security sends out gangs to collect guns and round up “dissidents,” the NRA membership will be standing beside them.

My question is simple, how did American gun owners “go bad?”

I would like to be able to say that broad gun ownership by Americans enhances the concept of “freedom from tyranny.” I believe quite the opposite is true.

Though some, perhaps not so many, gun owners are politically aware, clearly the majority are among the group activists referred to as “sheeple.”

Two groups typify the majority of politically vocal gun owners in America, NRA members and those who were involved in the Tea Party movement.

Both organizations are politically right wing, fully under the control of the Israel lobby and Wall Street; both are totalitarian, Islamophobic and use psychological warfare tactics to manipulate members through fear and deception.

Both organizations, supposedly based on protection from tyranny, are aligned with powerful corporations, extremist “think tanks” and foreign intelligence services.

The money, and the money behind the “gun lobby” is endless, comes from organized crime and drugs, human trafficking, financial criminals and those who profit from crime and war.

Americans know war; we not only have been at war around the world since 2001 but for eight years suffered at the hands of an illegal regime in Washington, two stolen elections, two illegal wars, endless propaganda and the total dissolution of all rights to due process and privacy.

By the time Barack Obama assumed the presidency, there were no constitutional rights left for Americans. Our question to him is a simple one, why has he failed to restore the right Bush took away, promises made long ago?

However, let us be clear about blame.

For eight years, the Bush 43 regime systematically warred against America.

When the most childishly obvious “inside job” in history, 9/11, was perpetrated, sending America into a frenzy of race war abroad while creating an illegal police state at home, not a word was said.

The cartoonish “pop culture media” played the tune and the “sheeple” danced along, keeping their guns but gladly giving up their freedom, gleefully watching thousands of Americans slaughtered, gleefully watching Americans slaughter what will now be millions across the planet.

At home, the TV was filled with shows about new “precision weapons” and hour upon hour of tales about Hitler and the holocaust. Entire networks were set up to do nothing else, nothing but to sell war, sell a very deceptive version of history, pure psychological warfare to place the focus on imaginary enemies while those at home were taking America down.

And they took America down, destroyed America’s constitution, turned America into a nation of torture and secret prisons, of drone attacks, a nation that openly financed and supported genocide in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and now that list is growing.

Now, gun owners are awakened by one of the great mysteries of all time, “Sandy Hook.” What little exists of a half-formed “official cover story” is not being questioned.

Proof that Sandy Hook was a terrorist attack is being suppressed.

Bulletproof vests become “fishing vests,” assault rifles turn out to be shotguns (Benneli M2), multiple cars are found with weapons, drug cartel ties are “erased,” motives are invented and disappear as quickly until none whatsoever remain.

Then the “pop culture media” tells us to “move on,” the cover story for a terror attack was so botched that no one seems to be able to make the lies fit together.

Why distrust gun owners?

After 9/11, billions were made in airline stocks, based on mysterious predictions of the event and its impact on key financial markets.

Many more billions were made by Larry Silverstein, who held the lease on the World Trade Center, a $124 million investment in buildings mandated for unaffordable refurbishment and asbestos removal, legally prohibited from “official” demolition, turned a profit of between $5 and 7 billion in insurance after “the incident.”
What “incident?”

On 9/11, we are “told” that around 12,000 gallons of jet fuel (kerosene and ethylene glycol) produced the heat and blast power that destroyed more than 10 times the steel the Hiroshima nuclear bomb accounted for.

The NRA has never mentioned 9/11 and the Tea Party, though originally established in Boston to demand an investigation into 9/11, was quickly taken over by the Israeli Koch Brothers and turned over to media buffoons Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, fronts for the AIPAC lobby.

Why do I have trust problems with “gun owners?”

It is one thing turning away from 9/11 “conspiracy theories” when hand fed propaganda for years.

I can almost understand the “Israel worship” of some when television obsessively portrays Israelis as heroic and honorable, even though reality runs much the other direction.

Then there is torture, kidnapping and murder, those too are accepted, this is where I become untrusting and unforgiving.

I no longer feel safe around those that seem able to deny, able to turn away from anything, from everything.

There is a point where “moral flexibility” becomes psychopathic behavior.

What good is a gun without honor or courage?

What good is a gun in the hands of a bully or coward?

Why trust in the judgment of a moron?

And so it goes…

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