US Navy Seal Commander, Who Killed Osama Bin Laden, Commits ‘Apparent Suicide’ In Afghanistan


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US Navy Commander who killed Bin Laden, commits suicide (The Siasat Daily, Dec 25, 2012):

Hyderabad – SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price commit suicide. He was best known for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, died Saturday, Dec. 22, of a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

Suicide of the Officer of this grade raises many questions among the media, as the team was best known for killing Osama Bin Laden that assaulted his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011.

Military officials are looking into the death of Cmdr. Job W. Price as a possible suicide, but that his death remains under investigation.

Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pa., was in charge of coordinating all Team 4 missions.

Price was in Afghanistan supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province. He was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Va.

SEAL Team 4 is among eight SEAL team deployments. SEAL Team 6 is best known among them for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

US Navy Seal’s ‘apparent suicide’ in Afghanistan under investigation (Guardian, Dec 25, 2012):

US military officials are investigating the apparent suicide of a Navy Seal commander in Afghanistan.

Navy Seal Commander Job W Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died on Saturday from a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan.

A US military official said the death “appears to be the result of suicide”. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the death is still being investigated.

“The Naval Special Warfare family is deeply saddened by the loss of our teammate,” said Captain Robert Smith, commander of Naval Special Warfare Group Two, which manages all Virginia-based Navy Seal teams.

“We extend our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and NSW community during this time of grieving.”

Smith added: “As we mourn the loss and honour the memory of our fallen teammate, those he served with will continue to carry out the mission.”.

A US military official confirmed Price was from Virginia Beach, Virginia-based Seal Team 4, which is part of the mission to train Afghan local police to fend off the Taliban in remote parts of Afghanistan.

Price is survived by a wife and a daughter.

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Apparently, just like the real-life compound in Pakistan, the CIA’s mock-up compound has also been destroyed. Anybody know why? (It’s an open question.) The other thing we can divine from this is that Bing apparently has less up-to-date maps than Google. But in this case, that’s quite a valuable feature!

Update: We asked the CIA about the rationale for demolishing the mock-up. Specifically, if there was any thought of preserving it for its historical significance. The CIA declined to comment. We suppose the structure was deemed no longer operationally useful.

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CIA director Panetta said:

“Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on.

What a bloody coincidence!

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Official: Bin Laden buried at sea (AP):

WASHINGTON – A U.S. official says Osama bin Laden has been buried at sea.

After bin Laden was killed in a raid by U.S. forces in Pakistan, senior administration officials said the body would be handled according to Islamic practice and tradition. That practice calls for the body to be buried within 24 hours, the official said. Finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world’s most wanted terrorist would have been difficult, the official said. So the U.S. decided to bury him at sea.

If you (still) believe the official story, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


100 thoughts on “US Navy Seal Commander, Who Killed Osama Bin Laden, Commits ‘Apparent Suicide’ In Afghanistan”

  1. My guess….This guy knew too much and was taken out by members of the Obama team. Dead men don’t talk.

    Ask yourself this…where is Osama’s body? Is Osama really dead?

  2. Uh, the title is VERY misleading. SEAL Team 4 did not kill osama bin laden. DevGru (old ST6) was the Team lead on that one. Team 4 might have been backup to the backups.. but as far as I know this is an incorrect title. (PS, I am former US Navy).


  4. You can not convince me that all of this is coincidental. Too many of them has met their demise and a Navy Seal WOULD not kill himself on purpose.

  5. Right! Those guys didn’t die in any accident or commit suicide. The government is trying to cover up something by TAKING their lives!!!

  6. Such sad news at this time of year! As a American,I thank Commander Price for all he’s done for our country.You and your daughter should be very proud of your husband. His name will go down in history for all he’s accomplished in his life and for his country.Our thoughts are now with you and yours.May peace be with you. Bless all your souls!

  7. As a Navy veteran I want to offer my most sincere condolences to Commander Prices family and fellow team members.
    My prayers are that the real cause of his death will come out, and soon.
    May God bless and comfort his wife and daughter.

  8. It really sounds strange..It sounds like another cover up..I just don’t believe it..So many things surrounding this government is not right..No one answers any questions about details when asked. Hilary hidea and runs off to another country at a terrible time when America needs her..Then she suddenly becomes to sick to talk about Libya and thats been 4 months now..Fast and furious gun trading with Mexico that Obama is doing goes unanswered and now we haave a dead border partrol..Ia this Obama’s way of showing gun control, give all our gun and weapons to Mexico?..I have become afraid of my own government..told everyone if I they find me dead or missing look to my gov because my freedom of speech maybe lost..How sad about this suicide…God save our country…

  9. Suicide? I doubt it. There’s something very fishy about mysterious deaths of Seal team members. BTW, it was Seal Team 6, not 4, that went after and killed Bin Laden. So what gives with this, calling him the one who killed Osama bin Laden?

  10. It’s all just coincidence theory .. Nothing to fret or worry over. Go back to your fave narcotic America ( TV) and numb your brain some more! No loose ends being tied here, just coinci-dinky. Government MAGIC , that’s all !

  11. Sounds very fishy to me…….something is stickin somewhere……will we ever know? Are we safe anymore? Is this a payback or something more evil?

  12. Looks like he may have been suicided because he knew too much. Like, that the mission “to kill” Osama bin Laden was a bogus operation, as bin Laden appears to have died of health problems a few years ago.

  13. This Government is without a doubt the most corrupt, deceitful and morally bankrupt. 18 Returning home vets commit suicide everyday because of the garbage Big Pharmaceuticals they are forced upon them. The VA knows it and know its cheaper to bury their problems. Long Live King Obama

  14. @James yes team 6 is the ones who supposedly killed Osama … an yes this man was with team 4….. you do realize after your tour is up you transfer to another command right?
    Smh lol

  15. I hope Christians come together and do whatever it takes to take this nation back from Satan.It’s time for real change.God bless that true hero and his family.

  16. Sounds like a cover up to me…very suspicious…but disheartening nonetheless…and I thought it was Team 6 that did the job, not Team 4…

  17. These comments display for all to see, how Psychotic the American public has became. Right wing ideology leads to nut jobs like Adolf Hitler, running all around, wildly screaming nonsense!!!!! Frantically building up to a breackdown.

  18. Dan, you are wrong. Seals stay within their team for their career. They dont hop around teams that would break team unity. Get your facts correct. Trust me, I know


  20. @larry – facts are a stubborn thing – Adolf Hitler was a National Socialist – 180 degrees opposite from the “right wing” of US politics. The psychosis comes from the mindless kool aid drinking Obots.

    • Were you saying that Hitler was a lefty? If so, I think you need to consult a dictionary. Lefties do not try to imprison and or kill every communist or socialist you can find, and also destroy unions, and take financial support from corporations.

  21. Not sure why so many people believe this might have some type of conspiracy attached. These people do things and see things we can not imagine. Also, I don’t see this type of response when other servicemembers take their life. This is sh*tty business we ask of them and they continue to do it.

    A true American Hero. I thank him for his service and sacrifice, and I’m glad his fight is over. Rest in Peace Commander.

  22. So many anti-Obamist paranoids out there. In particular, JTB: If Hitler was a left winger (and not a Nazi as defined by the Nazi themselves) he wouldn’t have killed all those Communists. You are a mindless kool-aid drinking Fascist, and a completely factless @$4hole. Nothing personal, but you are a moron.

  23. I was a corpsman in the Navy for 8 years. One of my patients was in special forces. He told me they have assasination teams that take out “anyone” who goes against the military or makes the military look bad, even if their given orders to do something right for our country. “Who do you think killed Kennedy?” Is what he said to me. I was to be in recovery with him after surgery. I was told by a goverment offical, “If he says anything while under sedation, I was to report back to him. “Oh, depending on what he says, could get you killed.” I even had to go thru. Debriefing and a security clearance before I could this. It’s a lie! This man “found the solution” if you hear my name in the News, I “found my solution” too!

  24. My guess would be combat related stress. This is Christmas time and so many people take their lives around this time. There is no telling the level of depression he was under but I am sure he was walking down corridors that are very dark indeed; that most of us never imagine. Such a waste of life as this man’s life was full of accomplishment and even more future potential.

    Even more so; his family. They will be left with no father or husband to rely upon. Suicide sometimes seems like the last choice but that is truly not the case.

    If there is at least one thing that can have a positive impact by this commando’s death, let it be that the government will actually create a network of support so these soldiers realize they can get help during these dark times that they must endure.

  25. This is the most ILLEGAL & CORRUPT federal government we have ever had, ILLEGAL ALIEN as president & everyone he has appointed to anything is ILLEGAL, & everyone that suports him is guilty of TRIASON TO THE U.S.A. & no it will not be checked out obumer won’t allow it, Bin Laden is not dead, NO PROOF.

  26. First off people who write in public forums really should learn how to spell AND use the English language properly! He is dead and we MIGHT one day know the real cause ONLY if it is allowed though!

  27. Shutting them all up? How many are left? If any, they better watch their backs. Hillary, you might be next on the Benghazi murders. Seems like anyone with any knowledge of wrong doings has some sort of tragic ending. More to follow!

  28. Osama died long time ago, when bush was Commander in Chief….his was in bad health for years….this Obama killing obl is the biggest scam of all….

  29. Members of team 6 are drawn from the other teams. “Team 6” is not an absolute assignment. So, yes, he was team 4, but could also be team 6. That said, this smells rotten to me….

  30. Judging by the comments on here, this site should be called Infinitely Stupid. You clowns should go hide under your beds. The sky is falling. Apparently, the president was displeased with it.

  31. I’m with those who say, “I don’t believe it!” There is so much evidence that BL died of kidney failure back in 2001/2. Others have come forward from India and Pakistan verifying his early 2000 death. Obama needed a quick fix before the election to give him an advantage against “loaded with money” Romney. Show us the body otherwise forget this wee fable.

  32. people are making up so many dilusional “theories” ….like playing a round of “telephone” the story begins….by the end it’s a completely different animal.

  33. I don’t believe this was a suicide and I doubt if we’ll hear what really went down.
    Too many have died that were involved with this … Why isn’t our government taking action? Once again, 9/ll should of made our country stronger and our Christianity proclaimed throughout the world! Yet, our Christian beliefs/rights are being denied by the very government that should be proclaiming it.

  34. This is so wrong, Does it not strike you as fishy? Just why in the HELL would this Commander take his own life when he had so much going for him.
    It makes me wonder just why is it that POTUS is still in charge and giving kill orders? Why hasn’t something happened (unexplained) of course to him. This Country is being ran into the ground and nothing is being done about it, WHY???? Where is “THE ONE” “The Other one in charge” that gives KILL orders when we need him/her!!!!!!!

  35. Just for information sake. It was not Team 4 or Team 6 (DEVGRU). It was a hand selected group from several teams. Sr. Assaulter’s were hand selected and pulled for this mission. Green Team instructors were also pulled for duty to oversee command and mission planning. It wasn’t a complete team I guess you could say, it was a chosen group. Not every DEVGRU assaulter was on the mission. Maybe this will clear the air a bit. Hope it helps.

  36. I don’t know the truth of it but it seems like 99% of the commenters here refuse to even entertain the notion that the man may have actually killed himself. The reason? Two tours in Afghanistan and the immorality of what he was participating in sank in. Yes, that is plausible to me, especially for a special ops officer. Run that up your flagpole and see who salutes. Nobody? Why nobody? You may be military, ex-military and come from a venerable military family but why can’t you at least be open-minded enough consider the obvious, that he was just a man, a vulnerable human being and not a robot, not a mindless brainwashed drone.

  37. Helloooo! Silly people. Everyone knows that Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden. DevGru was only there to take away some of Obama’s well-deserved credit.

  38. I once asked someone a question that worked for the FBI. I was told if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. This was many years ago.

    I hope I live long enough for the truth to come out but doubt it will be told for 50 years.

  39. the truth is that it is linked with the illuminati. osama isnt really dead, i mean wheres the evidence. they say hes dead, and thats it? we belive that. on top they say they through him in the sea, eah great, very clever? and where he was hiding, it all fake. just so obama could get a second run at prsident. this guy probably was going to tell the truth but then got caught. he then decided the only option was sucicide. sadly. it all fixed. and it cost someones life. sad.thas my opinion anyway.

  40. To be honest with you guys!
    This government have lied about the most serious situations
    I won’t be surprised if he has not really died!
    This ‘New World Order’ government are always lying, and the war they are fighting is a waste. The Middle East has God on they side! What does the west have money!!!
    What a joke!
    Babies are killed in they homes n Obama says he is doing a great job and people cheer for him!
    On the day of judgement , we will all dew that God is real and has always been with us!
    Ya Allah thank you for protecting me throughout my whole life even when I did bad you are always there when I need you! Ya Allah, please protect my family whilst the western government kill around them! ameen

  41. Osama was taken for interrogation and for keeps to a hidden place…any serious intelligence agency would have, imho. For questioning until they get some sreious answers. And finally, whenever suitable, dispose of him.
    Maybe the officer talked or didnt want to cover up?
    However, I am certain he was taken off the board by government.

  42. WHO SAYS HE IS REALLY DEAD? maybe they reported this and he now has a desk jb at the pentagon, cia or nsa. just to take some heat off the whole seal team thing. so a year goes by while he is sequestered and a year later people see him. could be that simple.

  43. as a retired Commander in the navy, i can testify, several officers have committed suicide during the past 20 years…i recall a one star general..reserves…rank doesn’t prevent suicide…and i don’t think it was an officer who actually pulled the trigger and killed OBL…i am sure it was an enlisted man…probably either ptsd or family/financial stress…

  44. I don’t believe it. The folks in all special ops service, no matter what branch of service, are some of the most stable, compitent guys out there. Even if he wasn’t the one to pull the trigger on obl, he was probably in a position to know things that could make life uncomfortable for a certain few. I hate seeing us lose so many good people in this bs.

  45. God rest this man’s soul. He almost certainly knew something he wasn’t supposed to know. People need to start using their brains. Anyone who thinks a very sick man, on dialysis before Sept. 11, 2001 lived an additional ten years in caves, being hunted by the best military in the world, is either brainless or completely asleep. Rumor has it that Bin Laden has been dead since December of ’01 and it would make perfect sense. This is all very fishy and no doubt a cover-up.

  46. Maybe he drank the water……lol, he could have killed himself, y is that so impossible? Maybe his wife fucked his neighbor or his son got aids or some shit.

  47. terrible loss.I appreciate everything our troops do for the people of the USA. Unfortunate some of Our government/elected officials R lying to our troops & The people.We are being made fools of across the world & being taken advantage of for being so gullible. Osama -Obama could be the same man.

  48. The same people who ‘claimed’ the SEALs killed Osama, are the same people who ‘claim’ he comitted suicide. Now we know Osama died from kidney failure in 2001- so doubtless this guy did not commit suicide.

  49. Oh- and you believe Pat Tillman’s death was a complete accident of ‘friendly fire’ after he was yelling for 10 minutes “Pat Tillman, Us Army!’ and shot at point blank range? If they release info to the general piblic, then that info is a lie. We are not cleared for _any_ US Intelligence facts.
    Pat tillman was ordered to be terminated, and likely this guy was, too.

  50. the seals used on this raid were taken from all the seal teams. This is not the only member from the OBL raid to died. They are killing them all off. If addition now it is public that no one watched the OBL burial at sea and they have been court marshaling people who talk about this. Our republic is dying!

  51. Could this website at least hire somebody that uses correct grammar and uses spell check please?? This looks like it was written by a 3 year old. This is a freaking news site and you don’t even double check your work!! It’s pathetic!!

    • @BK,

      These articles are from the ‘Siasat Daily’ and the ‘Guardian’ (in case you haven’t noticed).

      So they were both not written by me and I intentionally leave them exactly as they are.

      Why should I spell check those articles?

      Hmmh, why is it that I feel like I am talking to a 3-year-old right now?

      You happy be very better that reporting neeews this is somebody on planeto censorship.

      Infinite Unknown

  52. Retired DOD, My theory which may be obsurd, but based on 9/11.

    1. Who placed military grade explosives in WTC1/2. SEALl team?
    2.. OBL blamed, but OBL has been dead due to health.
    3. OBL IMPOSTER video claims responsibility. Gov/media dissemination. .
    4. OBL must “be found & killed” SEAL team ?
    5. SEAL team knows not OBL.

    Recap..SEAL team, explosives & OBL…..9/11

    GUESS WHO HAS TO GO ENTIRELY – every last one…

    Iaman American, & afraid of what we have wrought.

  53. Maybe we should look at “coincidental dates.” It’s amazing that Hillary Clinton was “sick with the flu and and fell while dehydrated, concussing herself at this time. Maybe her “bodyguard” was killed at the same time sans the flu. There are big gaps in Clintons whereabouts that are yet to be explained intelligently. My condolences to the family. May the Commander rest in peace.

  54. This story is bogus. The Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden was Montana native and Seal Team 6 member,Senior CPO Robert “Rob” O’Neil. He is very much alive and appears regularly on FOX News offering opinion and commentary. This site has zero credibility

  55. I really tried to get some information from this report, but failed! In the article itself, it credits team 4 with eliminating bin laden, and then gives credit to team 6 for the elimination! So the question is “who dun it”?? Then in the replies, there is every kind of screwball comment conceivable!!! END RESULT? Barry Sorrento has various ways of getting unwanted military people out of the way!! Bark up the correct tree for a change!!!

  56. 22 veterans lives every day are lost to suicide. Please take the time to be someone’s Buddy. It doesn’t cost a thing but it can make the difference between life and death



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