20,000 Bq Detected In Fukushima Man’s Body!!!

20,000 Bq/body from a man in Fukushima (Fukushima Diary, Aug 3, 2012):

The biggest health risk for Japanese is the accumulation of radiation because of contaminated food.
Official radiation measurement is not trust worthy, and they don’t measure all kinds of radionuclide.
This is one of the reasons why I evacuated Japan.

A hematological physician in Minamisoma general hospital (23km from Fukushima plant) wrote on his blog that he measured 20,000 Bq/body from a man in 70s living in Fukushima by WBC (Whole body counter) though it was already July.2012. This is the total of Cs-134 and Cs-137.

He measured 10,000 Bq/body from the wife as well. It’s about 300 Bq/Kg.

? The picture was taken by Pathological anatomist, Yury Bandazhevsky from Belarus below. [Video]

Histological myocardium composition of a 43-year-old Dobrush resident (sudden death case). Muscle fiber is severely damaged. 45.4 Bq/kg was measured from this organ. 300 Bq/kg is about 7 times higher than that.

? Below is the histology of normal cardiac muscles and Purkinje fibers as reference.

20,000 Bq/body is the highest reading he has ever measured in Japan.
This highly contaminated people were introduced to this doctor by another couple of his patients.
He measured 14,000 Bq/body from the husband, 8,000 Bq/body from the wife as well.

They liked to eat local root vegetables or mushroom. They were aware of that mushroom easily concentrates cesium, but they thought the mushroom from his local area is exceptionally safe with no solid basis.

The doctor measured 10,000 Bq/Kg of cesium 134/137 from the mushroom the family brought to him.
This is the picture of the measurement result below.

Cesium-134 : 4,160.3 Bq/kg

Cesium-137 : 6,605.9 Bq/kg


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