TRAITOR Goshi Hosono Is Now On Twitter

Goshi Hosono Is Now On Twitter (EX-SKF, March 29, 2012):

The minister in charge of the Fukushima nuclear accident and the Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono has just started tweeting.

You can follow him if you want, at @goshihosono54.

So far, only two tweets, following no one, and 1,097 people following.

Let him know what you think of his:

  • “decontamination” scam that benefit largest construction companies in Japan;
  • wide-area disposal of disaster debris that has been contaminated with radioactive materials, toxic chemicals;
  • his handling of the Fuku-I accident, etc.

Just be aware that Twitter Japan is run by a person with ties to the Japanese government. (But at this point, who doesn’t have ties to the government, among TPTB?)

When the nuclear accident started last March, he was an assistant to then-Prime Minister Kan. He was the one who said “We knew it was a meltdown but just didn’t feel like telling anyone”, as soon as a few days after March 11, 2011.

Most recently in Kitakyushu City in Kyushu where he descended to drum up support for wide-area disposal of disaster debris, he didn’t even know how many tonnes of disaster debris were there in Ishinomaki City, when asked by a reporter. He froze, and then looking for someone who could assist him. Before that, he was apparently making up a story of Kitakyushu City building a temporary incineration plant. The city officials later said, “That’s news to us.”

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