Ventura County on raw milk rampage: After destroying Rawesome, other raw milk operations now targeted

Ventura County on raw milk rampage: After destroying Rawesome, other raw milk operations now targeted (Natural News, Mar 29, 2012):

Perhaps the best investigative reporter covering the raw milk industry today is David Gumpert, writing for – a site covering food safety, raw milk raids, regulation and much more. All NaturalNews readers would do well to put his site on your reading list. Late last night he posted a showstopper article containing two extraordinary revelations about raw milk:

• In Wisconsin, the primary dairy insurance provider has ditched raw milk dairies, sending them a letter that essentially declares they will have no insurance coverage if they sell raw milk.

• After destroying Rawesome Foods (which is being physically deconstructed right now), the Ventura County Health Department is now targeting other raw milk distribution centers in California. As Gumpert writes:

[The county] has threatened to interfere with a private food club in that area just north of Los Angeles that distributes Organic Pastures milk. The health department officials first said to a food club volunteer manager that there was concern about whether the milk was going to be stored. When that turned out to be a non-issue, since the milk is nearly immediately distributed to members, the “concern” suddenly shifted to whether the club needs to be registered as a retailer.

Read the full account at:…

An agenda to destroy real food in Ventura county

So, you see, the raids on Rawesome Foods weren’t really about James Stewart and Sharon Palmer after all. It was all part of an agenda to destroy all raw milk operations across the county. And this, of course, is part of a nationwide agenda to harrass and criminalize farmers who produce real food and haven’t sold out to the corporate-run factory food operations.

For example, we recently broke a story about bureaucrats in Michigan threatening to arrest pig ranchers and destroy their livestock based entirely on hair color! (

In California, two different counties have drummed up fabricated charges against James Stewart and Sharon Palmer in an attempt to destroy their reputations and throw them in the slammer. And that’s just the beginning. Emboldened by their false authority, California bureaucrats now believe they have God-like powers and can rule over the people with unlimited power (at gunpoint, no less).

James Stewart, by the way, is making an appearance on the Alex Jones Show today (Thursday) at (or around) 11:30am central time. Listen to his interview at where he promises to share details about how he was tortured in the LA County jail (among other things).

Check NaturalNews for more coverage of this. Yet more breaking news on this issue is developing. The LA Times refuses to cover this story, not surprisingly. The only real investigative journalism taking place today is happening on independent websites like,,,, and other similar sites. That’s where real news is now found on a daily basis.



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