Michele Bachmann Called Out on Her Lies (Video)


Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty (Full Documentary)

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? Also note how US media failed to give the Pentagon press secretary’s recent statement the coverage it deserved: “We have no indication that the Iranians have made a decision to develop a nuclear weapon.”
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????? REMEMBER the LIBERTY ?????

Noam Chomsky writes about the USS Liberty: The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians
?http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0896086011/ref=nosim/representativ-20? The well respected author Noam Chomsky has written about Israel’s intentional attack on the USS Liberty:
“The truth of the matter is that Israel has been granted a unique immunity from criticism in mainstream journalism and scholarship … the attack on the unmistakably identified U.S. Liberty with rockets, aircraft cannon, napalm, torpedoes and machine guns, clearly premeditated, leaving 34 crewmen dead and 75 wounded in “the Navy’s bloodiest ‘peacetime’ international incident of the 20th century” … the general reaction of the press and scholarship has been silence or misrepresentation. … The nature of the attack on the Liberty was also evaded not only by the press fairly generally but by the government and by a U.S. Naval Board of Inquiry, though high-ranking figures had no doubt that the official report was a whitewash; former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, for example, states that the attack “could not possibly have been a case of mistaken identity,” as officially claimed.” pp31-32
? ?http://representativepress.blogspot.com/2012/01/truth-of-matter.html?

Here is Ahmadinejad’s actual quote translated directly to English: ?The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.?
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LISTEN: The International Atomic Energy Agency published its latest report on Iran on November 8th, but for nearly two weeks beforehand news media were rife with leak-based stories promising the report would be “game changing.” What did it actually say, and what of that is to be believed?

Aided and Abetted by Mass Media, Bachmann’s Lies Still Dominate Public Discourse even with her dropping out of the GOP race. Those peddling War Propaganda are given a free ride, notice that mainstream media hasn’t informed most people that Bachmann and others are lying about Iran and they are ignoring and breaking international law. Stephen M. Walt debunked her premise in his critique of Matthew Kroenig’s “textbook example of war-mongering disguised as “analysis:” “If this bizarre fantasy were true, why couldn’t the former Soviet Union do similar things during the Cold War, and why can’t other nuclear powers make similar threats today when they don’t like a particular American initiative? The simple reason is that threatening nuclear war against the United States is not credible unless one is willing to commit national suicide, and even Kroenig concedes that Tehran is not suicidal. Nuclear weapons are good for deterring attacks on one’s own territory (and perhaps the territory of very close allies), but that’s about it. They are not good for blackmail, coercive diplomacy, or anything else.” – Stephen M. Walt http://representativepress.blogspot.com/2012/01/openly-calling-for-his-countr…

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