Above-Limit Radioactive Cesium In Tokyo Elementary School Compost

Above-Limit Cesium Detected in Compost at Tokyo Elementary School (Jiji Press, Oct. 6, 2011):

Tokyo — Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward said Thursday that radioactive cesium exceeding the government limit has been detected in compost made at an elementary school.

The compost, made from fallen leaves at the school, had radioactive cesium of 1,488 becquerels per kilogram, higher than the 400 becquerels set by the government for agricultural fertilizers.

Although compost made of fallen leaves is not subject to government regulation, the ward decided to refrain from making more.

The contaminated compost will be covered up for safety.

Five kindergartens and 20 elementary and junior high schools in the ward have been making compost for use in flower gardens.

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