Thai Exchange Temporarily Halts Silver Futures After 10% Price Jump, Resumes Trading After Temporary Halt

– Thai Exchange Temporarily Halts Silver Futures After 10% Price Jump (Bloomberg Wire, Aug 22, 2011)

– Thailand Futures Exchange Resumes Trading Of Silver Futures At 15:04 Hrs After Tomorary Halt (Exchange News Direct, Aug 22, 2011):

Due to the Silver Futures was executed more than 10% of the latest settlement price, Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) decided to suspend trading of all Silver Futures series for a certain period, from 14.34 onwards, and recommenced the trading of Silver Futures from 15:04.

The Pre-open session started from 14:54  to 15:04 hrs (10 minutes before Silver Futures resumption) and the daily price limit would be expanded to no more than + 20% of the latest settlement price.

The suspension was in accordance with derivatives regulations stated in Silver Futures’ contract specification.

Gold spurts as stocks dip (Bangkok Post, Aug 23, 2011)

The TFEX temporarily suspended trade of silver contracts for 30 minutes after prices rose beyond the daily 10% ceiling. Trading was allowed to reopen at 15:04 pm, with the price limits increased to 20% of the last settlement price.

At the end of the afternoon session, the August silver contract was quoted at 1,315, up 70 from Friday, while October contracts rose 133 to 1,439.

Mr Boonlert said prices were being driven by both speculation and investor fear, and cautioned investors to monitor global market trends closely.

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