Urgently Wanted: 20 Healthy Males Who Want Over $600 For 4-Hour Work A Day … At Fukushima Nuke Plant

Wanted: 20 Healthy Males Who Want over $600 for 4-Hour Work a Day for One Month to Help Disaster-Affected Tohoku (EX-SKF, August 2, 2011):

It’s probably a job in the disaster-affected area called Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant…

Anyone care to join “Fukushima 50”? It’s not too late. They need fresh workers in the “new normal” at the plant where 10 sieverts/hour radiation is considered no big deal. (TEPCO says it doesn’t matter because no work is planned in the area of 10-plus sieverts/hr radiation.)

Someone in Japan (t2aki) posted the photo of an ad on a utility pole, which reads:

Urgently Wanted
50,000 yen [US$648] per day
4 hours a day work

(and in handwriting)
Only for one month (20 working days)
2 days of training given

Work to assist recovery in the disaster affected area in Tohoku

No age limit
Healthy males
20 workers wanted

Probably an ad by a subcontractor of a subcontractor of a subcontractor …. many degrees removed from TEPCO.

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