Fukushima Schools Are Urging Children To Wear Long Sleeve Uniforms To Limit Exposure To Radioactive Fallout!!!

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Long sleeve uniforms urged in Fukushima (NHK, June 01, 2011):

Some schools near the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are urging that children continue to wear long-sleeves in summer, to limit their exposure to radioactive fallout.

The schools issued the advice on Wednesday, the day many students switch to summer uniforms. The move is a response to parents’ concerns about radioactivity.

Radiation exceeding levels permitted by the government has been found at some schools in Fukushima Prefecture. The schools have been removing topsoil in their playgrounds and limiting outdoor activities.

At Koken Junior High School in Koriyama city on Wednesday, almost no students were seen wearing short-sleeves.

The school says students can choose to wear their long-sleeved gym wear or the long-sleeved summer uniform.

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