Hawaii Dairy Farmers Fight Radiation With Boron (When Milk Tests Positive For Radiation, It Indicates The Entire Food Chain Is Contaminated)

Boron is sprayed in a massive dose with Chemtrails. (See info at the end of the following article.)


Dr. Laibow also recommends boron:

Dr. Rima Laibow Recommends What to Do About Radiation:

Rima Laibow, MD: Vitamin D is depleted by Strontium 90 so extra Vitamin D3 is a very good idea. Lots of Vitamin D3 — at least 5,000 IU per day is generally a good idea for immune system health. Iodine, Zinc, Calcium and Sulfur are important supplements as well to prevent their radioactive counterparts from becoming part of your biology. I strongly recommend a high potency mineral supplement and MSM (the sulfur compound, not the ClDO2 liquid) on a daily basis except when you are having a chelation treatment that day. Other minerals which are both protective and important on their own for healthy functioning includes selenium, vanadium and boron.

Flashback (Uranium And Plutonium Detected In Hawaii):

Dr. Chris Busby: Fukushima (MOX) Reactor No. 3 Blast Was A Nuclear Explosion – Can’t Seal A Fissioning Reactor – Crisis Will Not Be Over Within 9 Months – Uranium And Plutonium Detected In Hawaii

Fukushima Radiation Taints US Milk Supplies At Levels 300% Higher Than EPA Maximums, Indicates Radioactive Contamination Of The Entire Food Supply

Big Island Dairy Farmers fight radiation with Boron

An open letter from dairy farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii shares some solutions for working with radiation problems in milk.

Dear Milk Share Members,
Our goal to offer high quality safe food to our community has recently been challenged in the reality of the radioactivity being released into our environment. In the past weeks radioactive levels have increased in Hawaii, with high spikes and a more current leveling off of radiation levels. Milk from the large dairies in Hamakua and Hawi has shown elevated levels of radiation, from 400 to 2400 times the recognized safe levels.

Why is milk contamination significant in the world of agriculture? Because milk represents the overall condition of the entire food chain, since cows consume grass and are exposed to the same elements as crops. So, when milk tests positive for radiation, it indicates the entire food chain is contaminated since cows eat grass. When grass is contaminated everything grown in the same soil is contaminated. This has proposed a serious concern to us farmers, with us asking what can we do? After much consideration, research, and conversations with much appreciated experts in the field of biological farming and human & animal health, we have found some things which we are able to do to protect our soil, animals, and bodies.

Aside from the much recognized supplement potassium iodine as a protection against radioactive iodine, there are a number of ways we can help. We have remembered our friend, elemental boron and the position it plays on the earth. Boron is the only mineral capable of accepting and ionizing radiation that never changes the innards or the nucleus of the cell. Spoken simply, boron can take radiation and release it without upsetting its own very delicate balance.

Boron is used extensively in the nuclear industry. Sodium borate is regularly used for standby liquid control systems, in case of emergencies. It was used in Cheronbyl in 1986 mixed with sand to prevent further radiation leakage. It was also used in 1999 in Tokaimura, Japan, to absorb the massive amounts of radiation after an accident at a plant. Currently it is being dumped on fuel rods and in surrounding waters of the Fukushima plant. Boron is widely recognized as extremely safe and can be used to capture radioactivity on our soils, gardens, orchards, etc. It also can be safely ingested by humans and animals. Boron will accept radiation and ionize it within our bodies, after which our bodies will safely excrement the boron and radioactivity.

We have begun feeding our cows and goats sodium borate at milking times, as well as adding it to free choice kelp and water troughs. In the past years we have monitored boron and other minerals in the soil and have added as necessary to bring levels up to recognized healthy levels. As a safety measure we are planning to implement a boron dosage to all of our pastures, as well as neighboring pastures. For humans, boron can safely ingested at a dosage of 4-10 mg per day. Borax, 11% boron, can be used as a tea and sprayed on your gardens, or land surrounding your home, at a rate of 10# of Borax per acre, 1#, if using elemental boron. Borax can also be ingested at 1/8 tsp to 1 litre water for women, ¼ tsp to 1 litre water for men. Fortunately, red wine and coffee are significant sources of boron, as well as non-citrus fruits, red grapes, plums, pears, apples, avocados, legumes and nuts! Boron is known to be non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and has been used internally to protect the astronauts in space as they leave the earth’s protective magnetic field.

Other things we can do to protect our bodies are to consume zeolites, use potassium iodine, receive plenty of glutathione, the best source of which is whey!, eat plenty of supergreens, such as kale, but including chlorella and spirulina, maintain healthy mineral levels, and eat lots of good healthy fats, including raw butter, and coconuts, which offer a fantastic layer of protection for our cells. Baking soda has been known to diminish the severity of change produced by uranium to the kidneys, which are the first to show radiation damages of uranium. Dosage is 1 tsp to 8 oz water for adults and ¼ tsp in 4 oz water for children.

According to Cheryl McCoy, Aboutclay.com, Calcium Bentonite Clay acts as a magnet absorbing anything with a positive charge, ie radiation and toxicity. She suggests washing all produce which may be considered radioactive in 1 part clay to 8 parts water in a non-metallic bowl, soaking for 10 minutes, then rinse and dry as usual. Bentonite clay can be added to catchment tanks, drinking water or raw milk to isolate radioactivity, which will not be released once captured by clay. Also, the body cannot digest clay, but will rather release clay through excrement. Clay can be added to milk or drinking water at a dosage of 1 oz liquid calcium bentonite to 1 gallon raw milk or drinking water. Either allow to settle and pour off or mix and consume clay and liquid. 1-2 oz liquid bentonite clay can be safely consumed per day by an adult, with significant detox abilities.

In these tenuous times it is all we can do to be honestly informed of the situation at hand and act accordingly. We are doing our best to protect our soil, animals and bodies from the elevated levels of radioactivity, and hope that you will also. Our prayers and blessings are with the farmers and families closer to the source of radioactive pollution. We send them our love and hopes for a green, safe future for all on this earth.

Britton & Shekinah
Milk and Honey Farm
Pahoa, Big Island Hawaii

Source: Hawaii Health Guide

Info on Chemtrails:

Chemtrails: The List of Patents For Stratosperic Arial Spraying Programs!

G. Edward Griffin on Chemtrails in Exclusive Interview

The New World Order Poisoning Your Rain Water:

The rain water was tested by government labs:

Aluminum (780 times over the save level.)

Arsenic (593 times over the save level.)

Manganese (4000 times over the save level.)

Barium (300 times over the save level.)

Zinc (8000 times over the save level.)

Iron (2000 times over the save level.)

Boron (4000 times over the save level.)

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations

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  1. http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/19/nasa-funded-study-the-way-to-save-western-civilization-from-collapse-is-communism/

    If the United States wants to avoid falling like the Roman Empire, it must avoid “overconsumption” and distribute resources equally, according to a study funded by NASA.

    “The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent,” reads the NASA-funded report published in the Ecological Economics journal.

    “Two important features seem to appear across societies that have collapsed,” the study adds. “The stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity and the economic stratification of society into Elites and Masses.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/19/nasa-funded-study-the-way-to-save-western-civilization-from-collapse-is-communism/#ixzz2wb7u5Why


    nterventionist • a few seconds ago
    Lots of the NASA leadership are Masons. I am sure they are going to love that idea. NASA has certainly been sitting on its hands in looking seriously at the chemtrail issues, because the Masonic gang over at Oak Ridge National Lab backed the concepts and the NASA Masons rubber stamped the idea and helped cover up the more serious problems.

    Chemtrails are all about hiding the issues of corporation and industry ruined the planet by not telling that CFC Freon was not inert, until the damage was done and the stratosphere flooded with Freon decomposition products that severely damaged the Ozone formation process and that led to damages to the Oceans cloud making systems due to higher UV-b damages to phytoplankton, disruption of the DMS and DMSO cloud seeding that kept the ocean surfaces cool.

    Masons too often courted Mason’s designs for Imperialism as the protection against Communism, and that Imperialism backed run away industry and corporations leaded to acid rain and the toxic metal health effects that then opened the door for the worse Freon problems on the Ozone Hole.

    Since the NASA masons games for Imperialism ran the show, and run away poisons to the planet now make human existence a question in the environmental balance. It appears the issues of planet human sustainability and those of the conservation of Communism’s role in the world now come full circle against the Corrupt Mason management of NASA, the USAEC/DOE, and DARPA.

    Perhaps god also appreciated the Essene because they and Jesus also had similar values for sustainability and socialism. The corruptness of religion inserted the concept of Trinity from the times of Nimrod and Semiramis (the harlot of Revelations), and that and all false Trinity civilizations since have failed. All too greedy of resources and toxic effects on humans. Since the Masons backed false Trinity concepts and in fact appear to worship those, the pendulum now swings back toward the truth of religion, where the Essene Community of Mt Carmel was operated and the teachings of Jesus himself in retrospect. Mt. Carmel was in Phoenicia, and Phoenicia built the First Temple for Solomon, which faced the Creator God City of Ur directly to the East.

    Even during the discovery for chemtrail’s Boron methods at Mason controlled Oak Ridge National Laboratory those involved noticed the Revelations passage that Jesus second coming was based upon coming upon the clouds. Certainly, we have a world environmental disaster at hand from the careless operations of Mason pushed corporate Imperialism control of the planet and they rushed to run over Communism and sustainability.

    Now the only solution appears to be wise environmental management, with respect to keeping our home Earth in a balanced synergism role with humans and the NASA Mason Imperialism games have failed, despite chemtrails from Mason Oak Ridge. Now we find the values of Mt. Carmel and Jesus were the wiser choices, and they were highly Socialistic and conservative of nature in every way.

    Now it appears that upon clouds of chemtrail linked methods of Boron now usher in the Second Coming. How fitting that Masons are going to be pushed into the open by the Prophecy of Revelations and Jesus Values shown to have been the correct worship for our planet and humanity’s future of existence.


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