FEMA Training Police That It is Perfectly Normal To Place People In FEMA Camps


Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Police State (And FEMA Concentration Camps)

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Police trained that FEMA camps are perfectly normal:

Dear Milo, I love your site.  I noticed you haven’t discussed FEMA camps yet, but here’s some information that you might find interesting.

I’m a police officer in [withheld to protect officer’s identity] State. Everyone in my department was recently required to take an online course sponsored by FEMA about the “Incident Command Structure” (ICS). The Incident Command Structure is the system of control set in place following a disaster, catastrophe, terrorist strike, or other such event.  All of the documents from that course can be found on FEMA’s website:


In particular you should pay attention to Unit 6: ICS Facilities. Here’s that direct link:


First, I’d like you to notice page 6-8 which is actually entitled “CAMPS“!!! Now, they claim in this training that “camps” are temporary facilities and may not be required. I feel that they do this to condition the police that camps are perfectly normal and may be necessary–so that we won’t hesitate to place people in camps upon command.

Secondly, I’d like you to notice page 6-4 which mysteriously states “some incidents may require facilities not included on the standard list”. The use of the word “facilities” would lead me to believe that these locations are already in place and are permanent in nature. But then you have to ask: what kind of facilities are important enough to already have in place, but too secretive to leave out of your police training?

I found it very interesting and thought I’d share.
Keep up the good work,
[Name Withheld]

–  US Government Preparing For Civil Unrest In America

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6 thoughts on “FEMA Training Police That It is Perfectly Normal To Place People In FEMA Camps”

  1. It is possible some alphabet soup federal agencies actually began spreading the FEMA Camp rumor in an effort to stifle public opposition to government efforts to legislate stricter controls on personal freedoms, a rampant wink wink nudge nudge policy beginning in the 80’s, ultimately culminating with the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. This FEMA conspiracy doctrine has been ramping up ever since, owing to the publics propensity to seek a clandestine scheme behind every incident of despotic oppression. The growth of the internet has seen the steady growth of the conspiracy theorists and rumor mongers. These rumor authors are the same types of individuals that may be found writing and dispensing computer viruses. There are now numerous web sites pandering to any fringe news or opinion that may aid in the spread of unconfirmed speculation.
    Wanting to seriously investigate these claims I now have the high-resolution version of Google Earth utilizing Geo-Earth1 Satellite, with annual update, currently updated Aug 2011. I can see the points on the barbed wire if I wish to pay for the premium-resolution package, currently reading the license plates of cars in the parking lot is suiting my needs quite nicely.
    As stated on a popular tabloid website relating to FEMA detainment camps, “These camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners. Currently the largest of these is just outside Fairbanks AK The AK facility is a massive Mental Health facility and can hold approx 2 million people *.
    * A clarification of real prison camp area and logistics requirements: The original Auschwitz I consisted of a 6.5 Km square area (40 square Km) originally consisting of 16 one story buildings ultimately housing approximately 11,000 prisoners. That number remained static as prisoners were imported then sent to the various Auschwitz satellite extermination facilities.
    After my careful aerial photo-analysis of the areas in question surrounding Anchorage AK, Fairbanks AK, and Fort Wainwright disclosed only normal human activity, and no fresh (within the last 10 years) construction of any areas that could even remotely be considered a detainment camp. No barbed wire or guard towers in or adjacent to any of these locations. A check with the Alaska State Department of Behavioral Health disclosed no mental facilities ever constructed in areas “just outside” any major metropolitan centers. To house 2 million people even in the most primitive circumstances would require and area of approx an 8 ft square per person which would end up 128 Million Square feet or 4.5 Square miles of detainment camp, an area that would show up like a sore thumb on any air recon search.
    Another example from the same internet article: Alleged camp location, “Clearwater National Forest, Idaho, ”Minidoka/Jerome Counties – WWII Japanese-American internment facility possibly under renovation. Clearwater National Forest, Near Lolo Pass, Just miles from the Montana state line, Moose Creek, this unmanned facility is reported to have a nearby airfield. Wilderness areas, Possible location, no data”. I should think there would be no data, a detailed aerial grid search of Clearwater Nat’l Forrest and Lolo Pass Moose Creek area (actual Forest service address 234 Canal St Pierce, ID) Covering an area of 2500 square miles, a 25 mile radius from each listed location provided no evidence of any areas that could conceivably be used as any kind of detainment camp. No unaccounted for cleared areas, no evidence of security fencing or guard towers. The DOJ camp listing shows no Japanese internment camp ever existed in that area. Most old Japanese camps from the 40’s no longer exist, their map coordinates now display farmland under immediate cultivation.
    Investigation of the claim of the existence of a detainee ready camp near Glendale CA: The immediate area claimed is in fact mostly sagebrush boonies, light residential, and no airstrips or helicopter landing facilities. I sincerely question the tactical wisdom of placing a large scale detainee facility at the intersections of the I-405, the I-5, and the State (east west) 118 Ronald Reagan Freeway in the metropolitan LA area.
    Another report of an alleged freshly constructed FEMA camp as reported by an “Independent investigator of FEMA camps” as reported on the same web site: “The view from “Odyssey Restaurant” (we looked it up, 34534 116th St E. Grenada Hills (kinda like Beverly Hills CA) exposes what appears to be a freshly constructed FEMA camp. Our aerial investigation discloses it is in fact a police training facility gun range and parking lot surrounded on the north by a construction equipment assembly area, the east by I-405, the west by undisturbed boonies and sagebrush, and south by Condos. There are no fenced areas other than the LAPD parking lot that could hold even a small number of detainees evident from a close aerial photo recon taken in 2011. Since there is no Odyssey Resturaunt as reported in Glendale CA we skipped to Glendale AZ, nope, none there either. We then scoped out the next alleged site, a Palmdale Ca FEMA camp (near the water district reservoir 2029 East Avenue Q Palmdale, CA). We discovered lots of sage brush and recently constructed Condos, nothing even close to a fenced area. Maybe “they” plan on detainees sleeping in vacant unsold Condos or on the ground under the protection of the local sagebrush. We then investigated large tarp and sleeping bag purchases in the area, nope, failed again.
    Yet another location was pinpointed near Umatilla Oregon and again, aerial recon detected no possible fenced detainment areas, in fact the point indicated on their map was the Umatilla Post Office near the intersection of Columbia River Highway and I (eye) Street. The real fallacy exposed here is that to build any kind of detainment camp for thousands of really pissed off U.S. Citizens only a short hike from the U.S. Army’s largest weapons and munitions storage and distribution facilities just doesn’t fit even the most incompetent military strategic security planning.
    The bottom line here is that information from several internet sources pinpointing FEMA camps is false, bogus, and to date nothing remotely resembling any detainment camps and all their necessary support facilities have been exposed by serious aerial surveillance. These claims by internet sources are purely imaginary alarmist snake-oil.
    More on the FEMA Camp conspiracy, the popular web photograph of a storage facility showing thousands of caskets allegedly for citizens executed after the big roundup, the pictures are actually of the casket manufacturers shipping yard, taken shortly after Katrina. Makes sense? The Katrina death toll is still not confirmed because of the massive flooding and backwash which could have accounted for several thousand. The final death toll guesstimate after all the missing reports were finally in is around 5000 which would account for the rows of stacked caskets. That’s what FEMA does, respond to disaster.
    Doing the Math: If there are 800 camps currently operational in this country “ready to accept 20,000 detainees each, that is a total detainee capacity of 16 million nationwide, or 320,000 per state.
    Now, to get a picture of detention reality take a look at Washington State Penitentiary aerial view (1313 North 13th Avenue, Walla Walla, WA) and see what it in fact takes just to house less than 3000 inmates (or detainees, if you choose). Beware the internet tabloids.

  2. My what a long winded argument that was. We have top secret bases all over the country both underground and above ground that don’t show up on any “google map” search. The CIA is heavily invested in the information harvesting and manipulation of Google. As they are also invested in Facebook and many other outlets such as N-Star. Google continues to track the websites you visit even after you leave google.com. N-star has come out publicly saying that even if their service is not switched on and you don’t pay for its service, it still records and documents every word you say in your car. So my question to you sir is how can you believe your own rhetoric or are you paid to disrupt and maybe even provocateur against the value of the truth? And also, is Google your only “credible” source for disinformation? If so, I’d consider taking some investigative journalist classes to learn to look deeper into a corporation that is pro rfid chip, pro eye scanning, pro population control. It behooves them to hide everything under plain view.

  3. All I have to say is, If you put a fence around walmart, you can start stacking bodies in as tight as they will fit … and there are plenty of walmarts around 😉

  4. FEMA camps are real. Dont fall for the lies like the Nazi Germans did in the 1930s as the totalitarian police state was incrementally rolled out.

  5. Why not just reenstate civil defense that way the civilians control emergency management efforts. And the thing with Jessie Ventura is fake it has been proven that Jessie Ventura has been known to fake the pictures as well as whi.thhold information

  6. Services up for bid include catering, temporary fencing and barricades, laundry and medical services, power generation, refuse collection, and other services required for temporary “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the United States.


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