West Virginia: Ten Additional Deer Test Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Preliminary test results indicate the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) agent was present in 10 hunter-harvested deer collected during the 2010 deer firearms hunting season.

“As part of our agency’s ongoing CWD monitoring effort, samples were collected from 1,056 hunter-harvested deer brought to game checking stations in Hampshire County and one station near the southern Hampshire County line in Hardy County,” said Frank Jezioro, Director of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR).

The 10 CWD-positive deer included two 2.5 year-old does, two 1.5 year-old bucks, five 2.5 year-old bucks, and one 3.5 year-old buck. Nine of the latest positive deer were harvested within the borders of Hampshire County. However, one was harvested in Hardy County near the border with Hampshire County. The area in West Virginia from which CWD has been detected continues to expand, as evident with the latest CWD positive deer from northern Hardy County. The number of infected deer detected in West Virginia in 2010 now totals 22, two less than the number of infected deer detected in 2009.

CWD has now been detected in 83 deer in Hampshire County and one deer in Hardy County for a total of 84 CWD-positive deer in West Virginia. The DNR will continue to update management actions designed to control the spread of this disease, prevent further introduction of the disease, and possibly eliminate the disease from the state as information from deer testing within West Virginia is gathered and scientists across the country provide more information on how to combat CWD in white-tailed deer.

“The detection of the positive CWD deer in Hardy County is discouraging,” said Jezioro. “As we strive to meet this wildlife disease challenge and implement appropriate management strategies, the continued support and involvement of landowners and hunters will be essential.”

An expansion of the current ban on supplemental feeding and baiting of deer in Hampshire County is being considered with the occurrence of this CWD-positive deer in Hardy County. Current research indicates that supplemental feeding and baiting of deer increases the chance of disease transmission far above the normal clustering of deer on natural and agricultural feeding areas. The DNR remains committed to keeping the public informed and involved in wildlife disease management actions.

News Release: January 14, 2011

Source: West Viginia

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