Pennsylvania’s Big Brother Tax Collection Scare Campaign: ‘We Know Who You Are’

(NaturalNews) Just when you thought the truth couldn’t get any stranger than fiction, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue decides to launch a creepy new Big Brother “Tax Amnesty” program aimed at getting delinquent taxpayers to pay up on their back taxes. But the state agency has stooped to using police state tactics in its advertising to scare people into paying.

If you don’t believe me, watch this YouTube ad (it’s real):

In it, a robotic female voice targets a man named “Tom” who owes back taxes to the State of Pennsylvania. A satellite view from above (eye in the sky) is zooming in on Tom’s house and targeting it in the crosshairs, as if he is some sort of enemy of the state.

The voice says, in classic mob-style shakedown language, “Listen, we can make this easy. Pay online by June 18th and we’ll skip your penalty… because Tom, we do know who you are.” This is followed up by a large on-screen text slogan, “FIND US BEFORE WE FIND YOU.”

The ad almost seems like a hoax, but it’s very real. The official website carries the same Big Brother message: Pay up, or we’ll find you… (and do something scary to you).

Countdown timer spreads fear

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue website, its “Tax Amnesty” program was signed into law back in October, 2009. It allows for a 54-day timeframe in which delinquent taxpayers can catch a break on their late payments. There is even a countdown clock on the site that indicates the “Time Left to Pay Up”.

During a time when millions of hard-working Americans are losing their jobs and struggling just to get by, the State of Pennsylvania has decided to play the role of the mafia in threatening its citizens who are late on their tax payments. It’s a great example of what happens when a government becomes so estranged from the very people it is supposed to represent that it starts to bully them into submission.

The whole thing resembles something out of the book 1984, where a totalitarian regime watches and controls the people and promptly “deals” with those who are not in full compliance. It’s the type of thing you would expect in communist China, not the supposed free United States of America.

Since 9/11, Americans’ civil liberties have been rapidly eroding as both state and federal governments have begun treating ordinary citizens like criminals. Sure, some people are probably late on their tax payments (because they have no jobs!), but the blatant way in which the Pennsylvania government is coercively threatening people shows that it is no longer a government by the People and for the People.

The whole charade is just a sign of worse things to come in America. If this is how individual states are beginning to handle back taxes, imagine what’s potentially in the works at the federal level. After all, millions of Americans are waking up to the truth about the federal income tax Ponzi scheme and the fact that the Federal Reserve can simply print all the money the government needs, regardless of how much tax money is collected.

What kind of Big Brother tactics are going to be unleashed when people simply decide to stop paying taxes into a bankrupt, criminally-operated state that wastes their hard-earned dollars on Wall Street bailouts and wasteful spending programs?

Oh yeah, don’t forget: They know where you live. And they want you to be very, very afraid. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pennsylvania state government gets a whole slew of phoned-in bomb threats in response to this Gestapo tactic. It’s no big shock that some people are willing to turn to violence to get back at tax collectors. Remember the guy who flew his airplane into the IRS building in Washington?

Sadly, this kind of Big Brother tax collection threat only serves to incite further anger among those who already resent taxing authorities by demonstrating that the State is, indeed, “out to get you.”

How else can you interpret the language in the ad when it says, “FIND US BEFORE WE FIND YOU” ?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Source: Natural News

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