Israel Threatening To Use Nuclear Weapons On Iran! (FOX NEWS)

If Israel and/or the US attack Iran, then that is the beginning of WWIII.

For those that agree with the Bush doctrine of preemptive war:

“Preventive war was an invention of Hitler. Frankly, I would not even listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing.”
– Dwight D. Eisenhower


Added: 7. Februar 2010

Even if Iran would have a nuclear weapon, that would pose no threat to anybody.

What would Iran do with it? Throw it at Israel and get 150 nuclear weapons thrown back at them from Israel, not counting those from the US?

Iran has not attacked another country in over 200 years, unlike those warmongers that want to attack it.

Enriching uranium up to 20% means nothing. You have to enrich it OVER 95% to get weapons-grade uranium.

There are more than 100 countries that back Iran’s nuclear program.

So far only the US has used nuclear weapons against the people of another country!

Expect something like this (or much worse):

Cheney considered a ‘False Flag Attack’ to start war with Iran

But don’t think for one moment, that I would trust this guy:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Nice handsign!)

Nor do I trust any of these elite puppets:

AIPAC rules America

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2 thoughts on “Israel Threatening To Use Nuclear Weapons On Iran! (FOX NEWS)”

  1. ? Humanity well I’m an x army uk seen things my self massive pattern over the last 45 years of US war machine build up all over the globe ….. There is a strange crew of gov types pulling strings what I can say is that the NATO group are 37 years ahead with tec if we make it by 12 dec next year ? There is a lot of chatter about mi6 and CIA letting off dormant nukes in Russia put there by Jewish secret service in early 60s it is a type of chess game it starts with 2 players then it is 3 players then 4 well ,,, 2 sides wage war then ane eye,,,”! Watches them that’s the third puppet hand then the last the forth that watches hole game the numbers don’t add up globally so a reboot is slowly coming into effect you have all heard off illuminate it is all about numbers the western world have gone into overdrive with use there is a dark picture forming we carnt sustain the rate we are going so 1.2 billion 2 sustain an easy level of life humanity will perish by a good half by end of next year and the power people want to be underground when it happens iv looked at this for 20 years

  2. Before I forget not long ago in the us 3 battlefield nukes went missing at a air base in the us bit strange well they were in the uk at RAF sealant being modified darra ? uk mod they are in us now dark game ahead for us citizens national guard marshal law nwo a smaller program in uk and europe safest place Southern ireland my old man is a Rex…. Freemason in the uk he has warned me and a few others


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