Jim Rogers on the future:

“There is a possibility that the American government under this new President will default on its loans sometimes in the next four years. The situation is precarious.”

“The American government has more than tripled its own debt in the last six months.”

“The Federal Reserve in America has tripled its balance sheet in the last six months.”

“There is a very good chance that America will default on its government debt sometimes during this administration.”

“And there is an extremely good chance that the currency will be very debased and weakened a lot during this presidency.”

“These are not good times. This is not over yet. It is far from being over yet. Prepare yourself.”

“What America is doing now is consuming an increasing debt as a way to solve their problems. Listen, that’s what caused the problems.”

“America has been going deeper and deeper into debt for 25 years, that is what caused the problems.”

Now this genius (Obama) comes along and says: ‘We are doing more of the same’!”

“It’s not going to work.”

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Added: Mai 06, 2009
Source: YouTube

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Added: Mai 06, 2009
Source: YouTube

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