It’s The End Of The World – And They Know It: Could You Survive If Power, Water And Food Stores Were Lost?

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With the right knowledge, Brown said “no matter how bad it gets in the world, you pull that car off the side of the road, step off that bus or train, walk into the wilderness and never need another damn thing for the rest of your life. … That’s freedom.”

TOM BROWN JR. EXPLAINS “TRACKER SCHOOL” (8/22/12): Survivalist, Author, Tracker, Tom Brown Jr. explains his “Tracker School” in the Pinelands of Ocean County. STAFF VIDEO BY TOM SPADER

It’s the end of the world – and they know it (APP, Aug 22, 2012):

Could you survive if power, water and food stores were lost?

Imagine the world you know ends tomorrow. Imagine electrical grids failing, supermarkets closing and the safety nets of modern civilization crumbling, leaving millions of Americans without food and drinkable water.Though the idea seems extreme to most people, some are preparing for such a scenario. So called “preppers” or “survivalists” are amassing food, shelters and knowledge to withstand a world different from the one that exists today.

Even small-scale disasters can prove stressful if not disastrous, as tens of thousands of Monmouth County residents learned in July when a water pipe line collapsed, disrupting drinking water from the tap.

That’s a scenario Jason Borrelli, a 2005 Point Pleasant Beach High School graduate, is prepared to face.

Borrelli and his fiancée have amassed a collection of water bottles so vast, the storage space under his queen-size bed is stuffed with the containers.

“I’ve stockpiled water like it’s nobody’s business,” said Borrelli, 26.

The space under another queen-size bed in the couple’s Florida home is completely filled with toiletries that they plan to barter for food and supplies, if needed. In addition, several closets in the couple’s home store nonperishable food.

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