Kungfu Quest: Wudang – Shaolin – Wing Chun – Tai Chi – Aikido – Taekwondo – Systema etc. (Videos)

Not that I like the way that those martial arts are presented here …

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See this:

Clip taken in Moscow in April 2013. This clips starts AFTER almost 2 minutes of hard striking by the same guy. Him and his friend wanted to see if Systema is real. They were experienced street fighters from Moscow. They were allowed to hit a couple guys hard to see how we take s

The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese Kung Fu (Video)

The root of Tai Chi is martial arts.

It has always been a martial art from the beginning.

The more one perfects the martial art aspect of Tai Chi, the better the body structure & the flow of Qi will be.

So the more one learns, follows and perfects the martial art aspect – the principles – of Tai Chi, the more the aspects of meditation and health will benefit.

Neglect the martial art aspect and you neglect everything else too.

In my opinion Tai Chi gets as close as one could get to the perfect martial art.

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There’s a lot of mystery surrounding traditional Chinese martial arts. Is kung fu really as powerful as karate, muay thai or jiu jitsu? Or is there something more to this ancient art than just fighting? Bruce Lee introduced the West to Kung Fu. Now China Uncensored will introduce you to the history and traditions of Chinese Martial Arts with the help of Master of 7 Star Praying Mantis, Longfei Yang.

Martial Arts For The Survivalist

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Martial Arts For The Survivalist (ALT-MARKET, Oct 17, 2012):

Physical strength, endurance, flexibility, adaptability, and mental discipline are all attributes of a true survivor.  Unfortunately, they are also attributes that are often neglected by the average survivalist.  The popular assumption is that if you have sizable food storage and can shoot straight, you are ready to rock-and-roll.  Reality has some harsh lessons for those with this mindset.  The first and most important weapon in any prepper’s arsenal is his own body; strong, healthy, and well taken care of.  If a person’s body is left to decay, no amount of gear is going to save them in the middle of a crisis situation…

Hand-to-hand combat training is sometimes treated with cynicism amongst preppers who have spent all their lives enraptured in the world of firearms.  The common retort is “Why use my hands when I have my Glock…?”  Indeed.  Why should we?  Perhaps because one day we may not have a weapon in our possession during a dangerous circumstance.  Should a survivalist simply give up because he loses his gun or he runs out of ammunition?  I think not.

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