New Zealand To Put COVID-19 Patients Into Mandatory Quarantine Camps – Jon Rappoport: Why you shouldn’t believe anything the government says about vaccines and viruses – Beijing Touts Major COVID Vaccine Milestone As China Plays ‘Catch-Up’ With Russia – Mike Whitney: “In broader terms, COVID-19 is the plan to manipulate virus-hysteria “to drastically and irrevocably” change the “fundamental structure of society” to establish a totalitarian world order.” – Make This Go Viral!!!! Nationwide Lockdowns Are not the Solution: Coronavirus Doctors – ‘Arbitrary’ nature of COVID-19 response will be revealed: Creighton – Dr Rashid Buttar: Why is the conversation on vaccines being censored? The question of course answers itself – Notre Dame Moves To Virtual Classes; Texas COVID-19 Cases Bounce Back – German COVID-19 Cases Continue Surge As Pandemic Now No. 3 Cause Of Death In US

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