Alaska: 32 inches of snow forecast next ten days – SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE’S INCOMING BIG FREEZE — S. AMERICA, S. AFRICA, AND AUSTRALIA ARE ALL BRACING FOR A BRUTAL BOUT OF POLAR COLD – BBC ATTEMPTS TO REWRITE THE HISTORY BOOKS – NSIDC have updated their Greenland SMB chart. Funny, it only runs up to Aug 6, the day before the record GAINS began, & 2 days before K. Steffen died in the anomalous summer snowstorm. – Magnitude 6.6 earthquake jolts central Philippines – California: Death Valley hits 54.4 °C (130 °F) for the first time since 1913 – Sudan: Major flooding leaves 65 people dead, more than 220 000 affected, and 40 000 homes hit – Almost 15 million affected, around 850 dead due to this year’s monsoon in India – Torrential rains slam China’s normally dry Gansu province, trapping over 10,000 people – Sichuan Province in China braces for yet more severe flooding (likely worst for 70 years) – Pine Gulch Fire grows to 87,209 acres (almost third-largest wildfire in Colorado history) – The Atlantic Basin Is “About To Come Alive”

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