#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Mar 4, 2020 EDN): Border crisis is a threat to Greece’s national security, emergency measures imposed – Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia pledge to help Greece deal with border crisis – Austria’s Chancellor says Erdogan’s opening of the borders is a direct attack on the EU – The number of “refugees” Europe has (legally) accepted since 2015: 2.5 Million VERSUS the number of “refugees” rich Arab countries have accepted since 2015: 0 – Greek Farmers Defending The Border (Photo) – Erdoğan accused Greece falsly of killing two migrants – Migrants trash a Greek orthodox church on the island of Lesbos – More than 1,000 migrant invaders arrived in Malta in first two months of 2020 – Welcome to the East end of London. Knives, machetes, pipes, swords and axes. Enjoy your night out… – Local Greek residents have formed vigilante groups that help the border guards, police & army to catch groups of migrants that have managed to cross the border







Meanwhile in Londonistan…

Get those tweets translated…


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