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Commentary from a reader:

“I would like to point out to your readers, that having searched for years for a comprehensive news site covering all the interesting geopolitical, climatic, military, economic, health and general interest subjects, my search inevitably led me to the IU site, and because I have personal knowledge that the entire western mainstream news media has been entrapped by the mandarins of every government, real news is simply only available via the alternative sources, such as I.U.
The cost of a daily newspaper is between £1 and £2, depending on status, but the government control is total, rendering them nothing more than propaganda outlets, for government or global corporate interests on whomthey now rely for income from advertising.

Consequently donating the equivalent of what I used to spend on a newspaper to receive REAL news, can only be considered money well spent.

Thankyou I.U.”

Thank you for that & thank you for your support all these years.

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