FEMA Is Preparing For Coronavirus “Emergency Declaration” – Majority Of Coronavirus Deaths Reported Outside China For First Time Since Outbreak Began – US Death Toll Hits 9 As Virus Spreads To North Carolina – Ontario confirms four new cases of novel coronavirus infection – DoD Official Admits #Covid19 “Likely” To Be A Pandemic Within The Next 30 Days – BBC Publishes Leaked Iran Footage Showing Bagged Bodies Of Covid-19 Victims Piling Up (Horrific footage leaked as 10% of Iran’s legislature confirmed for coronavirus) – White House Pledge To Deliver ‘1 Million Coronavirus Tests’ By Friday Might Be 922,500 Short – 23 Iran MPs & Head Of Emergency Medical Services Confirmed For Coronavirus (Authorities now talking plans to potentially mobilize 300,000 soldiers & volunteers) – “Pandemic Proportions”: #COVID19 Is Starting To Spiral Out Of Control All Over The Globe – Gov. Cuomo Confirms 2nd Coronavirus Case In New York, Warns Virus Likely “Spreading In Communities” – Coronavirus Update By Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity: Only Tough Choices Remain (Video) – Chinese Architect Suggests Walking Around In A Bubble (Literally) To Avoid

No way I’m going to take that vaccine…

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