World News (Mar 2, 2020 EDN): Lockdown: “Project Kennedy”: JPMorgan Tells Thousands Of Workers To Work From Home – Fed Impotence Exposed: TSY Yields Are Collapsing, Dow -1400Pts From Post-Powell Highs – Purell Run Starts, Sold Out Across The Country Amid Pandemic Fears (The run on products has only just begun) – US Will Provide Turkey Ammunition For #Idlib, Says Top Envoy – Liquidity Panic Is Back: Fed’s Repos Massively Oversubscribed Amid Market Turmoil – Dems Converge Around Dementia-Addled Warmonger Ahead Of Super Tuesday – Watch: Angela Merkel’s Interior Minister Refuses To Shake Her Hand Over Virus Fears – BMW Employee In Munich Tests Positive For Covid-19, 150 Others Sent Home For Self-Quarantine – Macau Gaming Revenue Collapses 87.8% In February – “It’s Sad”: First Chinatowns, Now LA’s Koreatown, ‘Asianphobia’ Crashes Food Sales Amid Coronavirus Fears – All Of A Sudden, People All Over America Are Prepping Like Crazy

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