World News (March 10, 2019 Edition): PM Khan: Pakistan Is Ready For War – AOC Slams Capitalism As “Irredeemable” System – Canada: Coldest February on record in Vancouver – Lake Superior at 94.2 percent ice coverage. Welcome to the New Little Ice Age. – Up to 13 inches of snow could hit UK in coming days – Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashes 6 Minutes After Takeoff; 160 Killed, Including 8 Americans – Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy – Trump Budget Would Slash Domestic Spending, Boost Military Spending – CNN To Be Sued $250 Million For Defamation Of Covington Pupil Nick Sandmann – Russia to defend its Venezuela oil assets in ‘toughest way possible’ – Yellow Vests ransack MASONIC LODGE in French village as protest gets out of hand (VIDEO) – NYC Dangerously Close To Bankruptcy, Experts Warn

Make the military-industrial complex even greater again…

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