Migrant Crisis & Crime (March 10, 2019 Edition): Finland: Terror-linked Muslim wanted for stabbing his ex-wife and 3 children, in honor-related attack – Germany: People stabbed because they asked for more meat by kebab shop employee – SERIOUSLY? Following the beheadings of 2 Scandinavian female backpackers by Muslims in Morocco, the UK Independent lists Morocco as the #1 travel destination for single women hikers – Sweden: Still More Migration – Death Of British “ISIS Bride’s” Baby In Refugee Camp Sparks Row In UK – Orban: No Place for Multiculturalism in Hungary – Austrian journalist asks: “How much longer are we going to let young migrants make a fool of us” – US Quarantines Over 2,200 Migrants Amid “Unprecedented” Disease Outbreaks – Taxpayers Fund Asylum Seeker’s $300,000 Luxury Trip on Private Jets


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