World News (May 6, 2018 Edition): “This Is As Bad As It Gets”: Magma Flowing From Hawaii’s Kilauea Forces Thousands To Flee – “To His Dying Breath”: McCain Regrets Picking Palin, Wants Pence But Not Trump At Funeral

“This Is As Bad As It Gets” – Magma Flowing From Hawaii’s Kilauea Forces Thousands To Flee:

After first erupting on Thursday, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has continued to send molten magma up through the eight fissures that have now opened up in the ground in a part of Hawaii that is home to several ritzy neighborhoods, including the tony Leilani Estates, where residents have been forced to flee as the eruptions, as well as several powerful earthquakes, have destroyed power lines and disrupted and left parts of the surrounding area without water.

One area resident summed up the neighborhood’s plight in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

“This is as bad as it gets,” said John Bennett, 61, a resident of the Leilani Estates neighborhood forced to evacuate. “We can’t go back in yet. I feel lost. I don’t know what to think. I’ve never been in this situation before.”

The estimated 1,800 people who live in the affected area have sought temporary respite in government shelters. Others have moved in friends on other islands. 

FBI Refuses To Pursue Personal Strzok-Page Texts; Grassley Goes Nuclear

Hedge Fund CIO: “This Is The Greatest Challenge In Asset Management Today”:

“Today’s greatest challenge in asset management is that the biggest pension funds need to generate 7.5% returns in perpetuity or face insolvency. An annual loss would be debilitating, a multi-year loss devastating.”

“To His Dying Breath”: McCain Regrets Picking Palin, Wants Pence But Not Trump At Funeral

NSA Spying Explodes: Over 530 Million US Phone Records Collected In 2017

Paper Gold Market Normalizing, Silver Getting Even More Extreme:

“… gold’s technicals are improving and silver’s are so positive that you have to wonder if there’s a catch, though what that would be isn’t obvious…”

Trump Reportedly Not Invited to Senator McCain’s Funeral

Erupting Volcano in Hawaii Releases Life-Threatening Toxic Gas (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Protests Sweep Japan to as Right-Wing Government Pushes for Further Militarization

Watch Drone Taxi “SureFly” Lift Off In Its First Manned Flight

Bitcoin Goes Physical: Swiss Start-Up Launches Pilot Sale Of BTC “Banknotes”

Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Slam Bitcoin Again, Resort To Elementary School Insults

Theresa May’s Lies Must Stop

When Money Dies: In Venezuela, A Haircut Costs 5 Bananas And 2 Eggs

– FYI: – Betrayed by her own corporal: Foul-mouthed Army instructor faces court martial after his video of female recruit being reduced to tears is viewed 250,000 times

Gun Owner Will Give Birth In Prison After Trying To Protect Daughter From Assailant:

Siwatu-Salama Ra is a 26-year-old mother who will give birth in prison after using a legally purchased handgun to scare off an assailant.  Ra’s daughter was in the car when the neighbor began ramming it with her vehicle.

Ra was forced to watch in horror as the angry assailant (a neighbor with whom Ra had a dispute) deliberately crashed her vehicle into Ra’s car while Ra’s two-year-old daughter was playing inside. Ra removed her unloaded, legally purchased a handgun from the glove box and brandished it, scaring the neighbor off. But for that “crime,” Ra will give birth behind bars.

One Man Has A Cunning Plan To Solve Cape Town’s Water Crisis:

Just weeks after Cape Town began preparing for “day zero” – when the South African runs dry of water – Marine salvage experts are floating a plan to solve the city’s worst water crisis in a century… by tugging icebergs from Antarctica…

Turkey Vows Response if US Halts Sales of F-35 Fighters to Ankara

“Battle Lines Are Being Drawn” – Could Saudi-Qatar Spat Spiral Into Another World War?

Illinois Coroner Holds Remains “Hostage” Unless Families Can Pay $1000

Michelle Obama Says She Won’t Run For President In 2020

“Real Socialism” Has Indeed Been Tried… And It’s Been A Disaster

Billionaire-Backed Sex Trafficking Cult Partied With Richard Branson on His Private Island

John Kerry under fire for reported ‘shadow diplomacy’ to save Iran deal

Obama says North Korea’s isolation gives U.S. less leverage in talks

– FYI: Intel Drop: North Korea as Fake as Trump

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