Sweden sentences two refugees for rape of anti-deportation activist and participation in it to 15 months prison and 3 month probation respectively.

“Rape of anti-deportation activist”

Two 18-year-old Afghans were convicted of brutal rape of a Swede who campaigned for anti-immigration activists for Afghan migrants.

The rape and sexual assault on the Swedish woman, who was in her 40s, happened during the Christmas holidays last year. She met two Afghan migrants near a hotel in Ljungby city, reports the Daily Mail .

She told the Afghans she was a member of a Facebook group opposing the deportation of migrants from Sweden.

They invited the woman to their accommodation

The men, later identified as Anwar Hassani and Fardi Hesari, spoke with the victim near a hotel bar. She showed interest after learning that both came from Afghanistan.

The two 18-year-old men invited the woman for a drink in Hesari’s shelter, a room for unaccompanied minor refugees. According to the Daily Mail report, the woman fell onto a mattress after a few cigarettes, after which she was raped by Anwar Hassani.

Although she told Hassani that she was not interested in sex, he immediately became sexually assaultive. He asked her why she had come back with the two, if she was not interested in sex.

“Do not you want to rape her too?”

Hassani then asked Hesari, “Do not you want to rape her too?” Hesari told police.

While Hassani raped the victim, Hesari satisfied himself. By the screams of the woman, both finally escaped.

After escaping, the woman called an ambulance and was taken to a nearby hospital. Both men were caught and found guilty by a Swedish court.

Hassani was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for a rape and a fine of 134,990 SEK (about 13,000 euros). Hesari was sentenced to a suspended sentence of three months and a fine of 23,990 SEK (about 2,300 euros).

Statistics show association between gang rapes and migrants

Unofficial statistics show that migrants are predominantly involved in cases of gang rape in Sweden.

Like Swedish police officer Peter Springare, some in Sweden have warned that gang-raping is a “cultural phenomenon” associated with migrants from specific backgrounds.

Despite whistleblowers and limited studies on the subject, the Swedish government still refuses to publish ethnic or immigrant background data about criminal suspects. (he)

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