NYT Gets Around To Reporting On Sweden’s Immigrant Crime Problem, Leaves Out A Few Key Details Photo of Will Racke

NYT Gets Around To Reporting On Sweden’s Immigrant Crime Problem, Leaves Out A Few Key Details:

  • The New York Times reported Sunday on the increasing problem of immigrant gangs in Sweden
  • TheNYT criticized President Donald Trump for commenting on the problem over a year ago
  • TheNYT took great pains not to mention where the violence was coming from

The New York Times published a report Sunday on Sweden’s growing problem with immigrant gangs — more than a year after the paper chided President Donald Trump for calling attention to the same worrisome development.

Entitled “Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class,” the report examines how weapons of war and clan-like violence have accompanied an influx of immigrants from certain parts of Europe and the greater Middle East.

The story centers on the death of a man in the town of Varby Gard, a once tranquil Stockholm suburb that is now the home base of an increasingly destructive immigrant gang. He was killed in early January when he picked up a mysterious object lying in the street that turned out to be a live hand grenade. The device exploded when he touched it, killing him instantly.

It was one of more than 100 incidents involving military-grade explosives in the Stockholm metro area that police have attributed to an “arms race” among immigrant gangs, reports TheNYT. There were only a few such incidents in Sweden until 2014, but since then, the number of explosions and seizures of grenades has shot up and remained worryingly high.

H/t reader Squodgy:

“And again…..more filtered news.
We ALL know by now that 95% of the Mainstream Media of newspapers, TV news etc is owned by what we call Zionist jews.
These people despise non Jews and have an agenda to push we goyim (that is their name for non Jews or gentiles) back into serfdom..
I’ve witnessed it first hand, so know it is true.
If they control all news we will be rendered impotent eunuchs, not ever knowing the truth, and not ever knowing how and where to find it.
The evidence that they are moving towards a full propaganda brainwashing of the Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Google//CNN/Fox etc dumbasses is as clear as day.
We need independent news researchers more than ever.”

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