Extradition confidentiality: UK tribunal blocks release of Assange files

Extradition confidentiality: UK tribunal blocks release of Assange files:

A UK tribunal has refused to release key details on communications between British and Swedish authorities over Julian Assange, in an effort to protect the Crown Prosecution Service’s relationship with foreign authorities.

An Italian investigative journalist’s attempt to pull back the shroud covering the long-running Assange case, which involves four nations and at least two government prosecution agencies, ended in failure earlier this month.

Stefania Maurizi, of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, had her appeal to the UK First-tier Tribunal to obtain documents held by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in London dismissed on December 12. Maurizi had sought access to the full correspondence between the UK’s CPS and the Swedish Prosecution Authority (SPA). The reporter has been trying to get a hold of the documents for two years.

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2 thoughts on “Extradition confidentiality: UK tribunal blocks release of Assange files”

  1. The rape case against him was a classic MI6 stitch up, doing the bidding on behalf of the USA who were pissed off over Bradley ( now Chelsea) Manning’s leak of the Iraqi event where the army Apache helicopter shot & killed 12 innocents including Reuters journalists and photographers in a market square mid afternoon.

    I recall even the girls concerned admitted as much, and that they were honey trappers.

    So it is quite understandable the devious, deceitful U.K. government must avoid investigation, as they would be exposed for what they are, lying, untrustworthy, murderous bastards.


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