2 thoughts on “Central Banks Are Now Cornered”

  1. Here’s a classic example of the bullshit that is poured on us all in the name of “ECONOMICS”.
    We must always remember, the basics of economics is “WHIM”
    The only fundamental principle in economics is “Supply & Demand”.
    All other theories are mere conjecture, theory, opinion & bullshit.
    It is impossible to predict how the human being of so many nationalities, beliefs, traditions, aims, religions, abilities, needs and status will respond naturally to a given product, idea, plan.

    Clever marketing has helped engineer demand, but it wanes, demanding a re-launch in different guises. The more astute members of Joe Public’s membership are slowly realising they are being cleverly separated from their earnings whilst acquiring non essential luxuries, they see plugged relentlessly as fashion needs.
    It is time to prioritise.



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