Missing MH370 Pilot Flew a Similar Route on Home Simulator Prior to Lost Flight

Missing MH370 Pilot Flew a Similar Route on Home Simulator Prior to Lost Flight:

According to Australian authorities, the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), flew an “initially similar” route from Kuala Lumpur airport along the Strait of Malacca toward the southern Indian Ocean on his flight simulator six weeks prior to MH370’s departure.

H/T reader squodgy:

“Too much skullduggery on all relating to both MH370 & MH17.

Maldives witnesses claim 370 seen at right time approaching Diego Garcia at low altitude.

Never in history has a Flight Data Recorder not been recovered. This is especially odd given the extensive bullshit involvement by Australia on instructions to make it look genuine.

Keen plane spotter photographed ex Florida registered CIA 777 at israel’s Dimona Mossad secret airbase being painted in Indonesian Airways livery.

Evidence from Schipol shows original MH17 was cancelled one hour before scheduled departure.

Ukraine ATC records show plane mysteriosly redirected over known Ukraine war zone.

Ukraine ATC whistleblower disappears.

Ukraine witnesses claim bodies stank and were bloated, suggesting they were dead before flight. Presumably from MH370.

Russian military show their Missiles did not match the damage criteria on the plane and that the attacking Missile was a Buk2 which only Ukraine had, as Russia has updated to Buk3.

The MH17 FDR (black box) was sent to Farnborough, England for analysis, but details were never released, indicating cover up.

Looks like another zionist plot to trigger WWlll with Vlad was thwarted by too many random factors. Hasn’t stopped them trying though.”

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