How Jewish leaders forced Jews to go to Israel (Hitler The Jew And The Faked WW2)



How Jewish leaders forced jews to go to Israel:

As we have seen it at the beginning of this blog, Hitler was put in power by Jewish leaders in order to force jews to go to Israel. Jewish leaders could steal Palestine, but they couldn’t force directly everyday jews to go to Israel. But, Hitler was not the only element put in place to force everyday jews to go to Israel. It was vaster than just Hitler.

With Hitler, Jewish leaders couldn’t have directly a massive immigration to Israel. But they were able to:

1) Push 200,000 jews to emigrate to Israel during the 30’s and 40’s

2) Create Israel with the deportation of jews (real) and the story of the holocaust (not real)

3) Allows jewish leaders to trap everyday jews of the east of Europe in the not friendly at all post war USSR and then give them the choice of staying in USSR of going to Israel

1° with the hostility of Hitler toward jews, Jewish leaders were able to push something like 200,000 jews to emigrate to Israel (180,000 between 1929 and 1939 and 20,000 between 1939 and 1945).

It wasn’t big. But it was a beginning.

2° we already know that the story of the holocaust (which, of course, never happened) was invented in order to give Jewish leaders even more power, by preventing any criticism against jews, and thus against themselves. But I now think that the main reason for the creation of this lie was the creation of Israel. Of course, Jewish leaders could steal the Palestine without any problem. But they still needed a reason to say that now, Palestine was officially Israel. With the holocaust, Jewish leaders were able to do that. It allowed them to create a shock in the opinion of the world. Thus, they were able to justify the fact that England gave Palestine to jews, which then became Israel. Nobody could decently refuse this gift to people who had suffered so much.

3° the third aspect of Hitler’s role was to trap everyday jews of Eastern Europe (and some of Western Europe) in the USSR (of course, there was the USSR + its satellites. But to simplify, I will say USSR or Soviet Bloc). As Hitler was presented as a crazy anti-Semite, the fact that he put millions of everyday jews into camps located in Eastern Europe was considered as normal. They also had to create the post-war USSR. It was possible with Hitler. Hitler declared war to USSR. The war was of course staged. And as USSR won this faked war against Germany, it allowed Jewish leader to justify the takeover of most parts of Eastern and Central Europe by the USSR.

Thus, as USSR wasn’t now a very good place for jews (after the purges from Staline) and for people in general, Jewish leaders could give a deal to jews of this area, saying “you come to Israel which is now a land of milk and honey, or you stay in this very unfriendly area were you don’t have any future”.

The war also allowed Jewish leaders to destroy the houses and the wealth of many of the ordinary jews. Thus, they were more eager to choose to go to Israel instead of staying in USSR.

With that, they were able to make come 350.000 Eastern jews to Israel between 1948 and 1952. However, this is official statistics. There were probably much more people who came from USSR just after the war; probably 1 million.

As Hitler hasn’t forbidden the emigration of jews from Germany between 1933 and October 1941, Jewish leaders had to avoid a massive escape toward countries which wouldn’t be under the control of Hitler during wwII (except Palestine of course).

It is said by the “United State Holocaust Museum” that there was 523.000 jews in Germany in 1933. As this figure is given by Jewish leaders, maybe it’s a false one given to hide the fact that much more Germans jews were trapped in Germany.

In 1933 the “United State Holocaust Museum” says that 38.000 jews fled Germany. But they went to European countries which were invaded by Hitler during wwII (France, Belgium, Netherland, Denmark). So, they were nearly all arrested.

After that, the emigration decreased until 1938. Hitler probably blew hot and cold. During some years before wwII, Hitler played the reasonable guy, the moderate. And it seems jews hoped that Hitler would remove laws which were hostile to them. Jewish leaders tricked everyday jews in order to make most part of them stay in Germany.

After the events of 1938 and 1939, there was a huge increase of Jewish emigration. But suddenly, occidental countries refused to accept jews anymore. The USA, England, France, Sweden, etc, let only few jews immigrate. Jews still keep a huge bitterness about that (we can understand them).

Of course, as those countries were ruled by jews, such behavior was completely abnormal. The jew Roosevelt or the jew Churchill, or the jew Blum should have accepted all those ordinary jews without any question. But, as the plan of Jewish leaders was to force jews to go to Israel, it becomes completely normal.

Jewish leaders needed everyday jews to stay in Europe. So, they had to block the departures of jews outside of Continental Europe. They had to create something like a fish trap, forcing jews to go to only one destination: Israel. Of course, they let some jews go to the USA, or South America, and so on. Otherwise, the trap would have been too obvious for ordinary jews.

The fact that Hitler let quite a huge number of jews flee Germany was probably made to maintain the illusion that all this was not planed and that it was his chaotic behavior which leaded him to let some jews go and finally forbid the rest of them from leaving Germany.

Remember, the illusion that everything was due to the hazard of history and had nothing to do with a plan from Jewish leaders had to be perfect. Otherwise, everyday jews and gentiles would be very very angry.

The economic crisis and the rise of protectionism allowed Jewish leaders to explain partly why occidental countries didn’t want to rescue jews. So, it’s clear that those economic events and policies were also staged by Jewish leaders.

But, in fact, the emigration of German jews before 1938 was not a so important problem. Because, most of the European jews were in other European countries, especially the ones of Eastern Europe. So Jewish leaders could let 200.000 or 250.000 jews flee far away. They knew that the biggest part of the Jewish population was still there. And they knew that they could gather them at the decided moment, and fix them in the future USSR Empire.

However, once the gather had begun, everything had to be done quickly, in order to avoid escapes from ordinary jews. This is one of the reasons why Hitler had to win his victory quickly and chain them quickly too. With that, jews couldn’t flee fast enough.

Maybe this is why the jew Stalin invaded Poland with Hitler. It prevented the Polish jews to escape anywhere.

This constraint explains the Blitzkrieg. With it, Jewish leader could explain the fact that Hitler invaded France and USSR very quickly. They didn’t really need the explanation of the Blitzkrieg against Poland, Austria and Czechoslovakia, since those were small countries compare to Germany. But it helped a little bit to explain their quick defeat.

It explains why Hitler had to invade Austria in March 1938, then Czechoslovakia one year after in March 1939, then Poland just few months after that (September 1939), then Denmark and Norway (April 1940), then Netherland, Belgium and France (May 1940), then USSR (June 1941). Everything had to be done quickly. Otherwise, ordinary jews would have fled away.

The invasion of USSR just one year after the invasion of France allowed also Jewish leaders to explain the defeat of Hitler because of a two front war. So, it allowed explaining two elements instead of just one; a good thing for Jewish leaders. On the other side, it brought the discrepancy of precisely the two fronts war. And this was a bad thing for the coherence of the Jewish leader plan.

This is also why USA, England and France closed their door to jews. It was aimed at German and Austrian jews, but even more at jews from Eastern Europe.
This is also why Hungary (1938 and November 1940), Romania (November 1940), Yugoslavia (March 1941) and Bulgaria (March 1941) suddenly allied with Germany. It avoided the possible escape of jews from Eastern and Central Europe in those countries. And it had to be done at the same time than invasions of the other countries of Europe. It couldn’t be done long before, because jews would have been more suspicious about a possible danger against them. The good thing for Jewish leaders, is that those alliances, and their timing, were quite logical. There weren’t discrepancies about them.

Then after the war, the millions of jews from Eastern and Central Europe were trapped in the not fun at all USSR. This is why USSR had to win so many territories of Eastern and Middle Europe during its war against Germany. Jews had to be trapped in the Soviet Bloc, and to have only two choices: staying in this horrible place where they had no future, or going to the paradise of Israel.

This is why freedom of movements were severely restricted and controlled in USSR. Everydays jews had to be unable to move to other countries except Israel. Of course, it was aimed at gentiles too. Otherwise, they would have fled also. And Jewish leaders needed USSR in order to maintain cold war and thus, to maintain the restrictions of emigration toward the USA or England for jews. But the first target was jews.

After the war, it wasn’t over. The very strange McCarthyism and the cold war allowed avoiding an important emigration from USSR jews toward occidental countries. The cold war made USSR forbid any emigration toward Western countries. And for the few jews who would have been able to emigrate, as jews were suspected of being communist spies or just communists, Western countries refused them. Jews from Arab countries were also affected by this. It was especially true during the McCarthy’s era. McCarthyism probably also pushed some American jews to go to Israel.

We can think that the Cold War lasted so long in order to make those recent Israelis become accustomed to their country, so they would not want to go to a European country or to the USA once Cold War would be over. Many probably tried to go to the USA, but where rejected because of a suspicion of communist tendencies. So, they stayed in Israel, and got used to it.

For the jews who came during the 90’s, as Israel was then a rich country, they wanted less to go elsewhere. And at this moment, occidental countries restricted the coming of migrants because of the economic crisis.

According to official sources 350,000 jews came from the Soviet Bloc between 1948 and 1952. Nearly none between 1952 and 1960. 157,000 between 1960 and 1986. And one million during the 90’s.

We can think that many jews went to Israel with secret agreements between USSR and Israel government during the 1948-1960 period. It had to be kept secret. Otherwise, it would have seemed quite fishy. Why USSR would have allowed that, since they were supposed to be more or less hostile to Israel? The 350,000 are why the lack of emigration from USSR after that is shady. They would have let 350.000 jews go away during two or three years, but, suddenly, wouldn’t allow emigration anymore during 8 years? Very strange.

Or maybe there have been much more jews who arrived just after the war than officially said, maybe 1 million instead of 350,000. Probably also that as jews were supposed to have been nearly all killed because of the shoah, Jewish leaders couldn’t tell that there was almost 1 million jews who came to Israel just after the war.

However, after 1960, emigration from USSR was authorized by the Soviet government. Thus, between 1960 and 1986, there was officially 157.000 jews who went to Israel from USRR. The figures were probably also underestimated. As Jewish leaders were able to lie so much about wwI and wwII, and tons of other events, it wasn’t a problem at all for them to cheat about real figures of Jewish emigration toward Israel. They were able to hide this unofficial emigration behind a birth rate higher than it was really.

And in the 90’s, as the USA didn’t give refugee status unconditionally to jews from ex-USSR anymore, there was 1 million jews who went to Israel.

So, at the end, there were officially 1,510,000 jews who came from USSR. And unofficially, we can think there were 2,110,000.

There were 375,000 jews who came to Israel between 1919 and 1948, mostly because of the hostility from Poland and after that German Government. So, if we add this emigration, we have 1,885,000 (725,000 between 1919 and 1948 and 1,160,000 between 1960 and 1995) jews who came officially from Eastern and Central Europe to Israel between 1919 and 1995 because of the conspiracy of Jewish leader. And unofficially, we can suppose that there were 2,485,000. Jewish leaders didn’t make all this mess to have just 725.000 European jews coming in Israel until 1948 and just 157,000 more until 1990. The goal was more probably to have at least 1,500,000 jews until 1948. There were only 650,000 jews in Israel officially in 1848. With only 700.000 more jews form Europe and Arabian countries, there were only 1,350,000 in 1952. Not enough.

PS :

There were other sources of Jewish immigration staged by Jewish leaders.

1) Immigration from Iraq and Iran

2) Immigration from former French colony in North Africa (Morocco mainly, but also Algeria and Tunisia)

In those both cases, everything was once again staged by Jewish leaders. But we will see that in another paper.


Adolf Hitler has been a Freemason and an Illuminati (Rothschild and the other 12 elite families) puppet from the start.

WW2 has been a staged event.

Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill have also been Freemasons and Illuminati puppets.

Other well known Freemasons and Illuminati puppets are/have been:

Obama, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Cheney, Trump, Gorbachev, Putin, Xi Jinping, Merkel, May, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron, etc.

TPTB have WW3 planned for us.

Hitler hired Hjalmar Schacht to run the Reichsbank.

Now look up who created the BIS, the central bank of central banks!!!

* * *

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