Whole Foods pushes TOXIC blood-clotting canola oil in more than 50% of their packaged products and at the prepared food bar

… and canola oil does enormous damage to your liver!!!

Whole Foods pushes TOXIC blood-clotting canola oil in more than 50% of their packaged products and at the prepared food bar:

The slogan on the Whole Foods website says, “Eat real food.” Sure. Then at the top of the home page they claim, “We’re growing something good.” Really? Since when is rapeseed good? Most of the signature Whole Foods brand “365” products contain rapeseed oil (also known as Canadian Low Acid Oil or “canola” for short). All canola oil needs to be thrown under the bus with every other blood-clogging “food stuff” product created in a laboratory, including margarine and genetically modified soybean, corn and palm oils.

Most canola is chemically extracted using hexane, a highly flammable and carcinogenic solvent that’s a constituent of gasoline. Yep, gasoline. Why? Rapeseed oil stinks and is toxic to all animals, including humans, so the crooks and scoundrels at the FDA had to approve a process to deodorize the funk and slide rapeseed under the radar of intelligent U.S. consumers (and the not-so-smart ones too). This process completely destroys the omega-3s and creates trans fats. Everybody and his brother knows the evil and destructive qualities of trans fats by now. Even if canola oil is “expeller-pressed” and organic, it still coagulates in your blood like margarine and beef fat.

Take a bottle of canola oil and pour it into a bowl or an open container, then leave it sitting outside for a few weeks and watch what happens. It coagulates. Here is a consumer who tried it. Watch what happens in this short video.

Could mass canola consumption be ushering in a mass epidemic of Americans who will suffer from heart disease and Alzheimer’s?

Who will know to blame canola when they can’t breathe properly or even remember their immediate relatives? Toxic canola doubles as a powerful insecticide and is listed as an ingredient in over 50 percent of the packaged products at Whole Foods Market. Along with other mainly genetically mutated oils like corn, soybean and palm, canola oil is brutal on your health. You should be very concerned about the dangers of consuming canola regularly. All of the deodorized oils contain trans fats. In fact, deodorization is the final step in refining ALL vegetable oils. This deodorizing step involves subjecting the oils to temperatures above 450 degrees Fahrenheit for long lengths of time just to attempt to remove some of the volatile compounds, but some still remain and can have adverse effects on blood cholesterol.

Look for toxic, blood-clogging canola, organic or not, in these popular products at your local “Not-So-Whole” Foods Market

  • Almost every brand of bagged potato chips, veggie chips, tortilla chips, etc.
  • Frozen, seasoned pre-cooked vegetables.
  • Nearly every salad dressing, including the organic ones.
  • Almost every single mixed salad at the prepared food bar, including potato salad, egg salad, chicken salad and pasta salad.
  • Most of the boxed cereals, including organic and “365” granola blends.
  • Nearly every sauce, including mayonnaise, buffalo, hot sauces, Asian, etc.
  • Just about every single protein bar and fruit bar.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com, the Washington Post rag and “Not-So-Whole” Foods Market ­– a conglomeration of fake supplements, fake news and fake food

Jeff Bezos, the filthy rich globalist and king of fake news now owns Whole Foods. Do you really believe Whole Foods will label all their GMO’s by 2018? Even the CEO manipulates every “believer” behind closed doors, helping Big Food and Biotechnology hide the truth by supporting the bill that shot down the nationwide GMO-labeling campaign, and annihilated a few states’ efforts that were already set to be stamped and delivered as such.

On the Whole Foods Market (WFM) website it states, “ At Whole Foods Market, we believe you have the right to know what’s in your food. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), also referred to as products of genetic engineering, are organisms whose genetic makeup (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.

Yet 90 percent of canola oil in the USA is genetically modified, and there is not one single mention of this dangerous ingredient at the Whole Foods prepared food bar, plus it’s in most of their packaged goods. Wait, though, it gets worse. The CEO of Whole Foods supports hiding GMOs in food all while the store pretends to advocate disclosing what is in their products. Make up your mind people!

Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb CAUGHT LYING to customers while supporting the Monsanto-backed GMO fake labeling bill

While WFM promoted labeling GMOs all across social media, the sneaky crook of a CEO sat on a committee and commended the FAKE labeling bill that would make identifying GMOs even more difficult for consumers. Why? Because WFM loads up the majority of their foods with raw materials that come from GM Frankencrops, and it saves them money and increases their profits, all at the expense of the health of their shoppers.

Make no mistake, WFM is in bed with Monsanto and the globalist regime to sicken Americans and profit from their health demise and stupidity. The new QR code is nothing less than machine language to keep consumers in the dark about what’s in their food. The new label is not even readable to humans. Walter Robb is a Monsanto shill in sheep’s clothing.

Want proof that WFM CEO Walter Robb supports hiding GMOs? Watch this Aspen Institute video where he commends the fake labeling bill. It’s a long conference so you can jump to the part where he sells out every WFM customer beginning at the 36 minute mark. He talks like a Monsanto operative, claiming the Vermont labeling law is too complex for Americans to figure out. Yeah, none of us know what GMO means! It means you’re eating bug killer and weed killer.

Here’s the brunt of what the Monsanto shill said: My view on the bill is that, and I’m pretty intimately aware of it, is that I think it’s an incredible thing that Sen. Stabenow has put together with Sen. Robert, when you take a look at the atmosphere up there on Capitol Hill, that this much was accomplished together. See, that liar didn’t think the world would see this video. He figured just the gurus who invest in WFM, chronic sick care medicine, and biotechnology.

Walter Robb is a huckster and a charlatan who praises giving manufacturers the choice of whether or not to label pesticide-laden Frankenfood. The solution? Boycott Whole Foods Market entirely. Never shop there again. “Odds in Vegas” have it that they’ll never label all the GMOs in their store because it would undermine all their corporate suppliers and cut profits. Period. End of sad WFM story.

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