Early snow in Norway

Early snow in Norway: 

Authorities recommended chains and winter tires for motorists travelling on the E6 motorway near Dovre after heavy snowfall this morning. Yes, chains! And winter tires. In September.

Snow at the E6 near Hjerkinn on 20th September 2017. Photo: Statens vegvesen webkamera / NTB scanpix

“The snowfall comes early in the autumn, when many motorists are still using summer tyres,” said The Local, a Norwegian website (link below).

Motorists using summer tires should wait, said traffic operator Ingvill Bredeland of Norway’s Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

Heavy snowfall was also reported in the Strynefjellet and Sognefjellet areas with “winter conditions” in “all mountain connections in Hedmark and Oppland counties,” according to NPRA updates on Twitter.


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