GSG 9 (German Federal Anti-Terrorist Unit) Storms Homes of German “Preppers” (Among Them A Lawyer And Two Police Officers) – (Video)

Manipulative & suggestive coverage by Germany’s ARD (Consortium of public broadcasters in Germany) “Panorama” show against (probably) totally innocent preppers.

Looks like the German government does not want more people to become aware that something isn’t right in this world and to prepare for what is definitely coming.

The German government might storm your home under any made up pretext now.

The coming (planned by TPTB) financial collapse will be followed by (planned) civil war in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Britain, etc.

It is very wise to prepare for what is coming.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin


H/t reader U.B.

On of the more famous GSG 9 missions (according to Wikipedia) has been…

“October 17–18, 1977: Lufthansa Flight 181 was hijacked by four Palestinian terrorists demanding the release of Red Army Faction (RAF) members. GSG 9 officers stormed the aircraft on the ground in Mogadishu, Somalia, and freed all 86 hostages, killing three terrorists and capturing the remaining one.”

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