College Professors Begin Direct Support For AntiFa Groups On Campuses

College Professors Begin Direct Support For AntiFa Groups On Campuses: 

Authored by Jacob Grandstaff via Campus Reform,

  • Two professors, one from Purdue University and the other from Stanford University, are assembling a “Campus Antifascist Network” (CAN) to serve as a “big tent” for “anyone committed to fighting fascism.”
  • Despite the reputation Antifa groups have cultivated for employing violence to shut down opposing speakers, the professors insist that they only support “self-defense” by “those who are being threatened by fascists.”

Two professors are organizing a campus Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) organization with the goal of confronting groups it considers fascist and “driv[ing] racists off campuses.”

According to Inside Higher Ed, the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN) was organized by Purdue University Professor Bill Mullen and Stanford University Professor David Palumbo-Liu with the intention of serving as a “big tent” for “anyone committed to fighting fascism.”

“Since Trump’s election, fascists, neo-fascists, and their allies have used blatantly Islamophobic, anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist messaging and iconography to recruit to their ranks and intimidate students, faculty, and staff,” Palumbo-Liu wrote in the group’s invitation letter.

“The time to take action is now,” he maintained, saying, “we call on all interested individuals and organizations to support or join the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN).”

In an interview with Campus Reform, Palumbo-Liu reiterated that “the groups that concern [CAN] the most are fascist in the sense they espouse a hateful ideology that targets particular groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, [or] sexuality, and wish to dominate, exclude, drive out, and harm members of those groups with force and violence.”

As part of its efforts, CAN provides a syllabus which labels fascism as a “historical expression of capitalism’s tendency to dominate the poor, working class, and oppressed people.”

Mullen told IHE that the network has grown to 200 members, including students and faculty, in the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, adding that CAN will “build large, unified demonstrations against fascists on campuses” and protect groups that are vulnerable to attack.

While Mullen and Palumbo-Liu do not advocate direct violence, Antifa has been criticized for engaging in violent protests around the country, including riots against conservative speakers.

When asked about violent elements within Antifa, Palumbo-Liu told IHE that CAN would reject some elements of the movement and would only “advocate self-defense and defense in various forms of those who are being threatened by fascists.”

Palumbo-Liu likewise told Campus Reform that “physically attacking speakers is not [within the law],” and therefore is not something that his organization promotes.

“The issue really is not speech, but rather the kinds of actions a group is known to engage in that precisely impinge upon others’ free speech, academic freedom, and civil liberties,” he said.

“We are organizing to protect members of campus communities from groups that come to campus to provoke physical confrontations, purposefully destroy property, invade individuals’ privacy.”

The professor also pushed back on the view that President Trump is not a fascist, branding it as “literally an academic argument in the worst sense of the word” and declaring that “we need to pay attention to what is happening, not the labels that we feel are most fitting.”

Mullen did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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As Ron Paul explained earlier, the alt-right and its leftist opponents are two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

The alt-right elevates racial identity over individual identity. The obsession with race leads them to support massive government interference in the economy in order to benefit members of the favored race. They also favor massive welfare and entitlement spending, as long as it functions as a racial spoils system. Some prominent alt-right leaders even support abortion as a way of limiting the minority population. No one who sincerely supports individual liberty, property rights, or the right to life can have any sympathy for this type of racial collectivism.

Antifa, like all Marxists, elevates class identity over individual identity. Antifa supporters believe government must run the economy because otherwise workers will be exploited by greedy capitalists. This faith in central planning ignores economic reality, as well as the reality that in a free market employers and workers voluntarily work together for their mutual benefit. It is only when government intervenes in the economy that crony capitalists have the opportunity to exploit workers, consumers, and taxpayers. Sadly, many on the left confuse the results of the “mixed economy” with free markets.

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Oh, and as a reminder, the petition to label AntiFa a terrorist group now has over 250,000 signatures.

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1 thought on “College Professors Begin Direct Support For AntiFa Groups On Campuses”

  1. Political agenda on campuses is very deplorable (in the original sense of this word before Hiliary redefined it). Academic freedom should never be abused for a political agenda.

    Then the economic claims about alt-right are false. Most probably only fringe minority of them actually supports government interference, it would not be “right” anyway… They also do not favor any welfare, not even some “racial spoils system”. Or at least those, who I’ve met (online), and they were not few…
    Rather they seem to support separated living places, and a right to be proud of own cultural heritage and maintain it freely.

    And my personal insight is, that collectivism is the highest form of the living society. We are all heading toward a common future anyway.
    There are even more supra-levels, above the lowest primitive and selfish “individual”, there are biological (genetic, race), cultural (ethnic), political (nation) and spiritual (religion) levels. Super-Beings of these levels are often living for millenia, independent of the short time of the ants, making their constituents.
    It’s like a beehive is a unified Being of its own, and it is not dependent on individual bee lives…

    This sentence: “in a free market employers and workers voluntarily work together for their mutual benefit” is obviously false. Did you ever here the term “precariat” from “precarious” situation, into which proles are forced by the system. Many employees are gravely exploited, namely in poorer regions. No, the problem are not government interventions, which often tend to protect the working class instead…

    “Fences, dogs and shepherds are precluding freedom of sheeps!”, call the wolves lurking arround the farm.

    Most “free” is a Law of Jungle, the Right of the Stronger. We as a humanity have long since agreed for a societal covenant, that gives the Right of the Stronger to the State Authority, which then prevents strong individuals and foreigners from assuming this natural right of the Stronger themselves…
    (Because strongest beside governments are mafia lords with their gang armies, and we do not want them to exercise their power over us freely)

    International communism and supra-national (globalistic) capitalism are very similar, removing the Rule from the regional levels to far global center, either publicly consented, or secret one. Their opposite is Regional Socialism (National Socialism, State Socialism), the self-cognizance of the Society and Rule in the sense of Common Good (meaning locally “common”, since there is no unified global “Good”).
    The “Democratic Capitalism” of free-market of craftsmen and competing factory-owner burgeois is long since dead, probably since 1970’s…


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