Hidden in plain sight

Reader P.A.Semi:

“On that $50 bill, someone claimed there is Oroville dam, but it was saved in last minute… The “spell” has very probably already been “spent”…

And overall it is one of more examples, that to best hide something is to put it right in front of everyone’s eyes…

Have you seen the film Jumanji ? It is a great explanation – there actually IS a game like that, and most worldly disasters and crisis come out from it (from that what is in that Jumanji game depicted but actually missing, if you know the commonplace version of it). And to win that game, it must be played until the end, it must not be actually revealed to the public and we (or they?) must not deceive the rules… It promises a good end, after all those struggles… (Which is why I won’t tell anything more of that).

And that is not the only example, there are even more blatantly hidden things…

Beside else, there is written Mt11:25: “I thank thee … Lord …, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto non-speaking .
νηπιοις from non-επος = non-epos = no-word … Someone translated this as “unto babes” due to not understanding, what is it about…?
(Just one example, how many englishmen overestimate KJV or other english or latin translations. Our medieval translation has a casual word “babes” which is exactly composited as “no-speaking-s”, evokes a 1-year old child. Our modern translations use according to latin vulgata word “minuscule ones”. The actual meaning of “non-speaking” is: “if you understand, please do not speak about it!”… It is a question, what all should stay “closed”? But after all if you understood it, think deeper and you will also comprehend, why it should not be revealed too soon…)

In the video 25nKPeE… on that page linked above – US bills prove nothing about Bible. Instead it proves, that the bills are done by Illuminati, who have been inspired in the Bible among other sources… And other quotes from Bible? Isaiah is ultimatelly not about US $ bills. Not at all. Some other things are mis-interpreted too…

Tidal wave over the buildings on a coast – still expecting that… I just hope it would be eastern coast with DC, but as Jim Stone reported, the Tsunami bomb, as was used in artificial tsunami in Fuku shima, works only in deep water, but on East coast there is a long and shallow shelf, which would dissipate the artificial deep-bomb wave, unlike on West coast, where the water is deep to the coast, as in Japan… There is only a chance, that God will help us all with an asteroid into Atlantic or something as huge as that…? Could it be about Tell aw iv coast instead? (Consider one of the two most specially marked places in OT, Psalm 107 arround verses 20-26, marked by 7 very rare “leap” letters inverted nun… Or at least this is the reason, why (((they))) are expecting that too… The other place, which is arround Numeri 10:35-36, is considered as the most important or holy part of the Bible by rabbis – while it actually says, that when the Ark (the “anthology”) will move, the God will scatter it’s enemies – which he did in year 70 by scattering them from Israel, those are the most fierce enemies of God, but possibly it relates to some future event too…? Look in wiki Inverted_nun at how they revere that mark… If you consider this all Book-relating as a nonsense, then just it explains, why they place a flood on that $10 bill… )

About spiritual meaning of 911 (one explanation of more possible ones)
Mark Passio – 911 An Inside Job A Dark Human Sacrifice Ritual
a well informed man’s lecture…”

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