NASA FUTURE WARFARE: “Smart Dust” Targets DNA in Satanic Transhumanism – #NWO

NASA FUTURE WARFARE: “Smart Dust” Targets DNA in Satanic Transhumanism:

The PowerPoint presentation  Future Warfare   was presented by one of NASA’s chief scientists from their Langley Research Center back in July 2001 — a few months before the 9/11 False Flag. 


NASA’s  Power Point discusses how population control will be achieved by advanced drones, microwave frequency weapons, nano weapons, binary bio-weapons in food, Artificial intelligence, satellites, robotics and more.

This is NOT science fiction. It’s an elitist view of how to manage humanity using  technology quietly developed by Black Budget programs where the application of satanic science is a planned agenda to dehumanize and devalue the worth of humanity as traditional “people” are eliminated , re-programmed or  replaced with programmable droids

We only need to look at the extinction-level future of the oceans due to the Fukushima apocalypse to realize transhumanism is considered by the elite as a long-term solution to radioactive oceans that no longer provide food for billions of traditional “humans”.

Since 2001 we see NASA’s draconian Future Warfare increasingly carried out in real time as Lucifarian themes of endless war, global #pedophilia, human trafficking, and even cannibalism are revealed to be the norm in the psychopathic world of the elite.

NASA’s Future Warfare should alert intelligent observers that a “Frankenstein” toolbox of depraved technologies are now being rolled out as a planned apocalyptic scenario –  as “people” are increasingly viewed as “disposable” by the elite.

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