Head of British child sexual abuse inquiry quits – The job nobody wants: £500,000-a-year New Zealand judge RESIGNS – the THIRD chairwoman to quit

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“Again, anyone delving into this subject simply MUST discover the rot goes very deep into the upper workings of the secret services and the ultimate powers that be.

That closeness to the workings can only result in the individual having a clash of principles or receiving threats. Either way, the ordinary victims will never receive or see justice. Such is democracy in UK.”

Lowell Goddard quits UK child sex abuse inquiry:

The head of a major British child sex abuse inquiry has quit, the third person to leave the post since the probe was announced two years ago.

The chairwoman, Lowell Goddard, quit without giving a reason, just over a year after taking on an unprecedented five-year inquiry into historical sexual abuse and its cover-up in Britain.

The job nobody wants: £500,000-a-year New Zealand judge RESIGNS as head of child abuse inquiry over legacy of ‘failure’ after just a year – the THIRD chairwoman to quit:

Victims today warned the major public inquiry into child abuse must continue despite the surprise resignation of its third chairwoman.

Dame Lowell Goddard shocked campaigners with her decision to quit last night, citing the ‘legacy of failure’ from the inquiry’s repeated false starts and the challenges of working so far from her native New Zealand.

Dame Lowell’s decision, which was accepted by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, came hours after criticism of her £500,000 a year pay and benefits package.

Victim representatives said while the resignation was ‘frustrating’ the work of the inquiry must continue despite concerns being raised today by former DPP Lord Macdonald the probe was becoming ‘unmanageable’.

Labour MP Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, today said he wanted Dame Lowell to fully explain her resignation to MPs.

Head of British child sexual abuse inquiry quits:

The head of a public inquiry into decades of child sex abuse in Britain resigned on Thursday, the investigation’s third leader to quit in the last two years.

The inquiry, which will last at least five years and is expected to cost about 18 million pounds ($27 million), was set up in July 2014 after a series of child sex abuse scandals dating back to the 1970s, some involving celebrities and politicians.

On Thursday its chairwoman, New Zealand High Court Judge Lowell Goddard, quit without publicly explaining her decision.

Her appointment was seen as an attempt to give the inquiry a credible head without links to the British political establishment after her two predecessors resigned amid criticism over conflicts of interest.

“Dame Lowell Goddard wrote to me today to offer her resignation as Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and I have accepted,” interior minister Amber Rudd said in a statement.

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